Necklace tattoo meaning

Necklace tattoo meanings are related to the power of faith and self-confidence. It can also mean finding a balance between spirituality and materialism.

Some people believe that having this symbol on their neck helps them to convey an altruistic message, so they embrace this tattoo with great enthusiasm.

necklace tattoo in the forearm

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The necklace is often associated with motherhood and femininity. But did you know the fact it’s the main part of one of most popular tattoo designs?

Necklace depicts beauty, continuity, wisdom and infinity. It was used in ancient times as a protective amulet against evil spirits that represented darkness, such as demons and vampires.

In some cultures (for example in Russia), women wore a necklace as a sign of their devotion and fidelity to men. From the tattoo design perspective, necklace represents love and faithfulness.

Wearing this symbol doesn’t guarantee you will find your soulmate, but it surely boosts your chances for success in love and life.

In this case, it stands for femininity and tenderness. Necklace tattoo is often associated with good luck due to the fact it’s mostly depicted in silver or gold colors.


It can also symbolize eternal bliss and eternal love which are closely related to eternity symbol meaning .

The number of beads on the necklace varies between 2 and infinity. It’s believed to be a powerful tattoo design standing for connection, commitment and fate (connecting people through time).

The Necklace is often associated with motherhood, since it can symbolize fertility or pregnancy (beads stand for children you’d like to have). It also represents womanly virtues such as patience, wisdom and unconditional love.

It’s commonly used in family tattoos where it can illustrate parent-children relationship. It may also represent keeping memories that are too painful to recall at once. There are no limits to imagination which makes this tattoo popular among both men and women . It looks amazing on arms, neck, wrist but mostly on torso or back due to its size and shape.