Nightingale tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Nightingale symbolizes beauty, purity and hope. In some cultures it is a sign of sorrow and death. In the Chinese culture, for example, this bird has always been associated with death.

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The ancient Greeks, however, thought that it was an omen of good things to come which is why they made it one of their symbols of hope. The nightingale tattoo meaning is most commonly associated with beauty and love, especially by women who would like to be reminded of their femininity and gentleness.

Nightingales are famous for their melodious songs they sing at night when it’s dark which is why this bird made its way into folk poetry as an image of beauty.

That is why the nightingale tattoo meaning is not only associated with love but also by inner beauty and heart’s voice that is capable of breaking through the darkness and stillness of the night to reach its destination – one’s heart.

Nightingale tattoo designs & their Meanings

1. Small, delicate and almost unnoticeable design on wrist or ankle. It’s perfect for women who want to underline their femininity.

2. Best suited for people whose life is surrounded by mysteries which only the nightingale knows the answers to. The role of this bird will be played by you, so the meaning of the tattoo will be very personal.

3. This subtle design means more to its owner than just beauty and love because it is also associated with life which makes it a great design for people who are struggling or feel like they need some new strength in their life.

4.   Tiny nightingale on the neck is one of the most popular nightingale tattoo designs for women. It can be easily hidden under a collar or behind hair and that makes this delicate design perfect to show your inner beauty and thoughts only to those people who are close to you and deserve your trust.

5. Show your deep love for your child by having their image inked on the chest or shoulder.

6. A nightingale tattoo on the upper back is a great way to underline your femininity and remind everyone of the fact that you are a loving, caring woman.

7.   Another great design for women who wish to make an impression on people with their inner beauty and love for life – a small nightingale with a heart.

8. Small and stylish, this is an ideal design for women who love the nightingale image but don’t want anything too big on their body. This tattoo can be done as a single design or it can be combined with other birds and flowers to create a more complex and impressive piece of traditional art.

9. A small nightingale in the middle of giant red rose is one of the most popular tattoo designs for women who wish to underline their love and sexuality at the same time.