North Star Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

Wondering what the North Star, also known as Polaris tattoo represents? The North Star is one of the most important stars in astronomy. It is located within Ursa Minor close to its position of being at the tail end of this constellation. (wikipedia)

The North Star is also known as Polaris, the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. The word ‘polaris’ means ‘North Star’ which was so named due to its use for navigation by travelers because it remains immovably fixed in space, unlike other stars that seem to move because of Earth’s rotation around the sun.

For centuries the star has been used as a symbol of honor, power or even protection against evil forces.

The star is not one which people can strive to reach or even find for that matter, but for some reason, it holds a spiritual power with which people want to connect with.

north star upper back tattoo
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Why is the North Star so special?

To understand why the North Star has come to gain such importance in people’s lives, we need to travel back in time and take a look at how it became associated with spirituality and good intentions.

In ancient times, the star wasn’t always used as a guiding light for travelers. There are even many cultures that had their own mythologies regarding the star.

In Greek mythology, the story of Ursa Major was one that explained how Zeus ended up placing the bear into the sky to save Callisto from Hera’s wrath. You see, Hera was jealous of Zeus’ interest in the young woman and turned her into a bear after finding out about their relationship. Zeus knew his wife would be looking for Callisto so he quickly transformed her into Ursa Major.

The bear is one of the animals which was most important to ancient tribes in North America. So much so, that the bear was their king. The bear was revered as a spirit of protection and strength, which made it into an animal that would be most suitable to represent the North Star.

The constellation is also known for its seven stars which are said to resemble a plow. This is where we find one of the oldest stories attributed to Ursa Major. The story is about the mother who after having seven children to take care of, was unable to do so by herself. This is why she placed them in the sky above her as bears.

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What does the North Star symbolize?

From being a guiding light or a sign of wisdom, the North Star has become most known for offering enlightenment.

Today is still considered to be one of the most important stars in astronomy where it remains as Polaris within Ursa Minor constellation.

What does it mean to have a North Star tattoo?

The North Star tattoo has become a very popular one in recent years.

This is not just because it’s beautiful to look at, but also due to the special significance of the star.

  • Guidance

Having a North Star tattoo can mean that you hold strong spiritual beliefs and hope to find the light within yourself, just as the star offers guidance for travelers lost at sea.

  • enlightenment

It can also mean you want to find enlightenment and wisdom in order to reach new heights.

The meaning behind the North Star is indeed one of a guiding light that will lead you to your own enlightenment and wisdom.

  • Protection

Those who are spiritual might also choose the North Star as a protection tattoo against evil forces.

This star cannot be reached and it’s often associated with becoming close to the gods.

It is because of its significance in ancient times and even today, that people want to get tattooed with this symbol.

North Star tattoo design ideas

The star is most commonly placed in the center of the chest or between the shoulder blades. It is something that most people who are hoping to find guidance, enlightenment, and wisdom choose to get tattooed on their bodies.

People also have different ways of presenting its design, but it’s often represented with a line that crosses through an open circle which is how it can also be seen in ancient drawings.

The North Star is most definitely a tattoo that has no wrong or right way of being presented and you should not feel afraid to get one for yourself.

It’s a design that holds deep spiritual significance and has been used throughout history by different cultures and tribes.

The North Star is also the most popular of all the tattoos with spiritual meanings because of its beauty and symbolism.

It’s a design that is meant to bring you closer to the answers within yourself, offer guidance for your own enlightenment and protection against evil forces. Even if you do not believe in these things, having this tattoo will mean a lot to you and it will more than likely become a favorite.

North star chest tattoo
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