Number 116 tattoo meaning and symbolism

A lot of people get a tattoo number for various reasons. That’s why we decided to write about the meaning and symbolism of this kind of tattoos. We will also give you information about numbers tattoos designs.

In numerology , as stated in affinitynumerology

The numerology energy represented by the number 116 is the organizer, or a primary leader, or otherwise in control of an area or domain. It may be a type of business such as road building or finance, as examples.

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So, What does the 116 tattoo mean?

Number 116 is connected with crossroads in numerology, so it can stand for the point where you have to make a decision. It is also connected with soul, spirituality and exploring ones own darkness.

Number 116 religious meanings

In Christianity, number 116 represents the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus Christ on his crucifixion. In addition it symbolizes a death and rebirth – through suffering and pain we find our way to enlightenment.

In Buddhism , number 116 is related to Tara, Tibetan goddess of compassion . She is often depicted with 1000 arms which can be seen as sign of protection.

To summarize, number 116 tattoo may represent a decision between different pathways, a life and death cycle, or protection no matter which numerology system you use.

Do 116 tattoos work best for men or women?

Even though it can’t be said that number 116 tattoo is a masculine or feminine choice, the majority of people who decide to have this kind of tattoo ( number tattoos) are men.