222 Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

Number 222 Tattoos  can symbolize life cycle. If your life is on a roll, it will bring new surprises, shocks and changes. This special tattoo is also associated with the power of the Moon.

If you are about to make some major decisions in your personal life, this tattoo will represent the new beginning you are looking for.

in numerology number 222 means mainly new beginning as stated in a psychnewsdaily article.

You are about to get rid of the old baggage you have been carrying around for too long. If your life is on a more positive tone, it will bring new opportunities and inspirations. You are just about to expand your knowledge or expand your world in general.

222 arm Tattoo
222 arm Tattoo @ yattedbyyana

Number 222 Tattoo Meanings – Life Cycle, The Moon, New Beginnings, Changes


The number 222 is all about the power of faith. Are you a spiritual person? Are you looking for faith and inspiration in life? This tattoo will represent this need and offer your faith to the one who holds it. You are just about to embrace new challenges that can bring you closer to others as well as yourself.

What’s the Best color for a 222 tattoo ?

But what color should we choose? If we talk about symbolism then there is one that stands out:

  • black means protection and power;
  • red – passion and aggression;
  • blue – eternity, loyalty and faithfulness;
  • green – growth, money or fertility.

What’s the Best place for a 222 tattoo ?

One of the possible locations for a tattoo is the inner side of the arm. It’s up to you if you want to make it larger or smaller

Who is this tattoo intended for?

The number 222 has many different meanings. It all depends on your personal attitude towards life, what you were taught in your childhood, how your parents feel about tattoos and their meaning etc.

However, the most common thing that people think of when they see tattoo number 222 is life cycle. as we mentioned above, this number is associated with the power of the moon, new beginnings and changes.

If you are considering getting tattoo number 222 then it is best to ask yourself the question if you are about to make any major decisions in your life? Is there something that makes sense to mark with this symbol?

If you are planning on losing weight thus attempting to start a healthy lifestyle then perhaps this would be a good time to get some new ink on your skin.

222 leg tattoo
222 leg tattoo @ naty_ink