Oak leaf tattoo meaning and symbolism

The oak is a symbol of strength, endurance and hardiness. The oak trees can bear a heavy weight of storms and wind with reaching branches winds creates beautiful patterns in nature that people may think of as art. Oak trees are large and strong, its leaves providing shade from the sun. The oak is a symbol of endurance, representing survivorship.

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Mature oak bark looks distinctive with rugged, deeply furrowed trunk and a canopy of branches spreading out in all directions. It is also time for this tree to start bearing acorns so that future oaks can grow from them.

Since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated by these amazing trees and they have always held a prominent place in legends and myths.

There is a Celtic legend about the oak tree that is closely related to one of their most important god – Dagda. The myth says that the Oak Tree was his special place where he met with other gods.

Oak tree is one of the most popular choices for tattoos. The oak leaf tattoo design has a special place among other tattoo designs. Quite often, it’s used as a half sleeve or half of the whole arm piece. No matter what style your choice will be, you can always make an original and unique design by adding different elements of shading and color.

Oak leaf tattoo: Japanese and Maori designs

The oak tree is closely linked to the Japanese and the Maori cultures. The Maori word for Oak Tree is “Ngaio.” They used it to build their homes, furniture and boats because of its durability and strength. It’s also one of the favorite trees in Japan.

The Japanese have a strong connection with nature and its creatures. They believe that the tree is closely related to their zodiac sign, which is a dragon. In Japan, different types of dragons are coming out from different types of trees so they made a connection between them early on in history.

Oak leaf tattoos: Celtic designs

As we have mentioned previously, the Celtic tribes are closely related to the Oak Tree. Their god – Dagda had an endless love towards the Oak Tree so they were always trying to convey their respect for it through their art.

Oak leaf tattoo designs are quite popular among men and women alike. They can be used as a part of other tattoos or can be a perfect idea for a tattoo on its own. Make sure that your design is unique and original so you can create an amazing piece of art with it.

Oak leaf tattoos: the Celtic cross

One of the most popular choice in terms of designs is based on Celtic cross which symbolizes everlasting life. It’s decorated with leaves from the old oak tree. If you want to add a personal touch in your design, make sure that you shade it in black and add different types of darkness in the corners, which will make the design more distinguishable.

Oak leaf tattoos: tribal designs

Oak Tree is associated with both Japanese and Maori people so when they create a tattoo they prefer to add more of the tribal elements. Most commonly, people choose to have a huge tree with its roots spreading all across the body’s arm. This tattoo style is perfect for half sleeve tattoos.

Oak leaf tattoos: life path number five

Even more so, this tattoo can be considered as a variant of Japanese symbols and it represents the life path number of five.

Oak leaf tattoos: life path number nine

Another variant of this tattoo is the one that represents the number nine. It can also be a sign of personal growth and change. Additionally, it’s often used as a part of life path number five design where it serves as a trunk or roots for this awesome tattoo design. Oak leaf tattoos are quite popular among men and women alike. They are perfect for people who would want to have a tattoo with deep personal meaning, but also they are great idea for all the open minded people that just love this beautiful design.

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