Oil lamp tattoo meaning and symbolism

Oil lamp tattoos are charming and simple. They can be done as blackwork or colored. In this post we show you the meaning of oil lamp tattoo, its symbolism and also a few designs to inspire you…

Oil lamp arm tattoo
Oil lamp arm tattoo @ serpentinamarie

What is the meaning of an Oil Lamp Tattoo?

Oil Lamp tattoos are very popular among men and women. You can see many celebrities with them, like Megan Fox for example…

The meaning of an oil lamp tattoo has different aspects according to the culture you’re from. The symbolism of oil lamps originated in ancient Greek mythology, where they were associated with the God Prometheus, who gave fire to humans.

As symbol of illumination and creativity, an oil lamp tattoo can represent intelligence and knowledge.

They were also used as a source of light for watches at sea. In this case, an oil lamp tattoo could mean protection and guidance.

An oil lamp can also symbolize a link with the past, or be a tribute to someone that passed away.

Oil Lamps in religion

In religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, lamps are used in important rituals . For example in the Buddhist religion, an oil lamp is a symbol of friendship and compassion. It can also be a sign of illumination toward truth, as the flame represents Buddha’s wisdom.

In Latin American culture the meaning of an oil lamp tattoo is to remind us that we must never allow ourselves to be deceived by appearances, but always search for truth with our minds. It can also remind us that we must always remember our past and never forget where we come from.

In neo-pagan culture, the oil lamp is representative of Athena, goddess of wisdom. For them, wearing an oil lamp tattoo means being illuminated by her wisdom and virtues. In this case, the symbolism is very similar to a book or a candle.

Oil Lamp Tattoo Designs

#1. Colorful oil lamp tattoo

oil lamp leg tattoo
Oil lamp leg tattoo @ monstermishtattoos

This is a simple yet stunning colored oil lamp. We love the use of the golden color in this design that creates an ethereal effect.  If you’re thinking about getting an oil lamp tattoo but aren’t sure, choosing a colorful design might be the best option for you.

#2 – Oil lamp with date

oil lamp leg tattoo
oil lamp leg tattoo @ ian_tattooer

Lovely combination between the oil lamp and numbers. We also love the fact that this tattoo has a personal touch. If you want to add initials, a memorable date, choose ones that will look good in your design!

#3 – The old school way

old school oil lamp tattoo
old school oil lamp tattoo @ inkedu

We really like this simple example of an old school oil lamp tattoo . They are very popular among sailors and fishermen.