Omamori tattoo meaning and symbolism

The omamori is a very powerful amulet in the Shinto religion. It’s attached to the wearer’s body and gives them spiritual protection through out their daily lives. The Japanese word “omamori” can be directly translated into English as “protection”.

Omamuri arm tattoo
Omamori arm tattoo @gaku_tattooer

There are many different types of omamori available today, but probably the most common one is the “tamagushi” or “divine tree” omamori. In Shinto, trees are considered divine because they symbolize a link between heaven and earth. They’re viewed as sacred beings that produce life-giving oxygen which is so important for us to survive. A smaller version of a divine tree amulet is the “ema” which is found on many home altars. It’s basically a piece of wood that symbolizes the tree and is used as a prayer board where people can write their wishes or desires.

What’s the meaning of omamori tattoos ?

The omamori tattoos are fairly popular today because they combine traditional tatoo art with the symbolism of the amulet. But also, they’re very good for people who want to get over something negative in their lives.

The omamori symbolizes an internal personal transformation and provides protection against any negativity, so if you got one tattooed on your body it shows that you’ve changed your life.

The meaning of this type of tattoos becomes even deeper when we take a closer look at the omamori’s symbolism. To start with, the amulet is always attached to a piece of paper where you can write your wishes or desires. This means that whatever tattoo you get should be something that you want, not something temporary or meaningless. It can be anything from “respect” to “joy”, it doesn’t really matter what the omamori symbolizes to you.

The omamori is shaped like a pouch and this means that tattooing it on your body can bring positive energy in your life. It absorbs all the nagativity around you, then after getting rid of it, the amulet fills with positive spirit which protects you against all things bad for the rest of your life.

Omamori arm tattoo
Omamori arm tattoo @ mattistattoo

Who should get the omamori tattoo ?

The omamori tattoo is perfect for people who have gone through a very long and difficult period in their lives which they can’t seem to get over with. By adding one of these symbols to your body, you begin the process of inner transformation which will help you overcome every obstacle in your life.

The process of getting tattooed can be very painful, but it’s absolutely worth it if you consider the symbolism behind the omamori.

It protects you against bad things and brings positivity to your life which gives you hope for a better future. The symbol itself represents an internal transformation so once you get one omamori tattoo, your life will never be the same.

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