Omerta tattoo meaning ( explained )

Have you ever seen a tattoo that has a deep meaning to a person? an omerta tattoo means much more than just being inked on your skin for life,it is mainly about sharing secrets and not telling those secret to other people. this is the main symbol of omerta tattoos as its a symbol of trust and faith between close minded people.

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The word omerta is part of the Sicilian code of silence system. It’s derived from a 20th century play called The Miser by Luigi Pirandello. It’s generally translated to mean “man” or “manhood”.

History of the Omerta Tattoo

There has been a long history of mafia groups using the word Omerta as a tattoo and creating their own meanings for it. The word itself is not certain to have ever been used in mafia groups or known criminal organizations, but it has been associated with them.

The history of the word to be used in this way is still being researched and no one can confirm whether omerta was a part of the Sicilian code of silence prior.

When you see two with an omerta tattoo, it’s a sign that their friendship is secretive but important. In the case of the tatted-up guys from Jersey Shore, they use Omerta to bond them together until their tan fades away.

Although gangs have been using tattoos as a way to identify themselves since the samurai used them for this purpose in Japan, today they’re more likely to be associated with prison life than anything else.

Omertà is a code of silence, according to one of the first Mafia researchers Antonio Cutrera, a former officer of public security.


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This has led to various interpretations regarding what different types of tattoos mean when worn by gang members or anyone else who might have connections with that world. One interpretation suggests that tattoos can often take on meanings related to pride, survival, or remembrance.

Another interpretation suggests that tattoos are often symbolic of people’s goals, beliefs, and lives. For example, a tattoo might be seen as representative of someone’s relationship with their family or it could represent someone’s idea of where they came from. Omerta is one such ink-driven symbol that carries hidden meaning outside the confines of the prison walls through its association with Italian American organized crime groups. Many members of these organizations have chosen to wear this type of tattoo on their bodies as a way of showing pride in their backgrounds and affiliation with each other.

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Other Omerta Tattoo Meanings

The term Omertà means “manliness” or “code of ethics and honor”, and refers to the code of ethics that binds together the Mafia families. The code is akin to the Sicilian outlaws, who were also bound by such a code.

Omerta is a traditional Italian word which can mean either ‘manliness’ or ‘code of honour’.

Omerta comes from the Italian umilta, meaning “humility,” referring to the code of submission of individuals to the group interest.”


For the Cosa Nostra this concept was elevated to have a particular meaning: it not only meant being courageous in physical confrontations, but it also implied strict loyalty towards members of their own organisation and family members. It is often used to indicate silence in front of outsiders (non-mafiosi), especially when describing their own illegal activities.

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Omertà is sometimes referred to by its original Sicilian meaning of ‘manliness’, because it is a well-known concept to many Italians outside the Mafia. The word has essentially the same connotation as the Japanese Bushido (“Way of the Warrior”).

The oath taken, “La Fèmmina ed omu” (Italian for “Woman and Man”) is usually mentioned as a reminder of the importance of staying true to one’s own sex. It therefore references the need not to inform others about Cosa Nostra business, no matter how harsh the punishment might be – even if tortured – and never to cooperate with authorities.

Since Omerta implies that a person is bound to silence about his own activities, Fasanella stresses that the code should not be interpreted as “anti-women”, but that it was simply an oath sworn between men.

Omerta Tattoo Design Ideas

Many people choose the paintbrush inspired Omerta Tattoo design, because it can represent the idea of painting by hand. Painting on someone’s body with fresh pigment can mean a lot. This could be done by one person on another, or even by an entire gang doing body painting for a memorial event like honoring a fallen member or craft for an upcoming anniversary party.

omerta neck tattoo

There have been a few people who have gotten this tattoo on their lower back. People prefer to get it on the lumbar region, because it’s not too visible through clothing. It’s also close enough to the spine that when it’s placed in a high-enough position, it can make a very cool looking design that can be very striking.

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Another popular choice for this tattoo is to get them on the chest or shoulder. If a person plans to keep getting more tattoos, then they should consider going for either of these areas. It allows for them to add more meanings and designs into the design as well as being covered with clothing most of the time.

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