Orca Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

Orcas seem to be very intelligent creatures with a strong family bond and effective social structure, just like humans. This is probably why the Orca tattoo becomes more popular every year.

What’s the meaning behind orca tattoos?

Orca tattoo’s symbolism is not as clear as the symbolism of other designs like Eagle or Lion Tattoos. The Orca tattoo can be a symbol for many different things such as:

  • Family love and bonding

Strong family bond has always been one of the main reasons why family members choose to get tattoos together. Over 70% of people getting this tattoo have family members getting it with them.

  • killer instinct

The Orca is also called the killer whale, which may be associated with the aggressive nature of some people. The killer instinct could refer to something in your life that you want to get rid of or destroy just like a marine predator manages to take down its prey every time it hunts.

  • Stability, balance and harmony

Orca tattoos may also suggest a strong need for balance and stability in people’s lives. When life gets tough, people feel overwhelmed by the challenges they face every day and it is hard to find peace within so this could be one of the reasons why Orca Tattoos symbolism comes into play.

  • Femininity and Pregnancy (Mother and child)

The Orca is usually associated with femininity because of its rounded shape, smooth surface and gentle color. This could be a symbol for pregnancy or motherhood in general. Some women get an Orca tattoo to symbolize their own pregnancies while some other pregnant women get it done to represent their unborn babies.

orca arm tattoo
orca arm tattoo @ cado.tattoo
  • Passion and Desire for Adventure

The Orca has the reputation of being one of the most agile and fast swimming marine mammals. People with this pattern inked on their skin may want to give themselves a reminder that they need to take more risks in life and be more daring when it comes to achieving goals. It is also associated with courage, which can be another

  • The social structure of the Orca community

Other people choose this design to symbolize a close connection with a group or a tribe. The Orcas live in a very strict and well organized society where every member knows exactly what is expected from him/her. This is probably why the Orcas seem to be always happy and friendly with each other.

Orcas are one of the most intelligent creatures on this planet. This is probably why people choose to get this tattoo representing intelligence, knowledge and good memory.

  • memories

A quick reminder of beach vacations Many times Orca tattoos are associated with great memories from past summer vacations at the beaches. This is especially true for people from the West Coast of America.

orca arm tattoo
orca arm tattoo @ tat.jessy

The Orca or Killer Whale Tattoo – Getting One?

The Orca is probably one of the most powerful and impressive sea creatures. With its size reaching up to 9 meters long the shark tattoos represent a true force in the ocean.

If you are considering getting an Orcas tattoo, here are some interesting facts.

The most popular place for Orca tattoos is the arm, shoulder or back of the neck. But there have been cases where people decide to get them on other parts of their body too. If this is your case, make sure that you pick a design that fits the area you have in mind.

The most popular Orca tattoo is black and white, probably because most people are more used to seeing these creatures this way. However, yellow, green or blue can be great color choices as well so you should try them out too if the above-mentioned colors seem too dull for your tattoo.

orca leg tattoo
orca leg tattoo @lindoviciotattoo

Orca tattoos are a great choice for people who have a strong connection with the ocean and marine life. But they can also be a great match for anyone who likes to go swimming, surfing or diving every once in a while too.

Orcas are very smart creatures, so if you think that this tattoo will add some intelligence to your character then start looking for the best design you can find.

Remember to always think ahead and check each detail of your tattoo before going through with it. It is a good idea to do a little research on Orca tattoos if this is not something you have been thinking about for years now, but never got around to making it happen.