Osprey tattoo meaning and symbolism

We have all seen the osprey bird while taking a fishing trip, drifting over the river in search of its next meal. These birds are known to hover at a 45 degree angle for upwards of 30 minutes before dropping down on their prey. This leads us to believe that this bird has an inner eye that allows it to have a “perpetual halo”. I have also seen the osprey referred to as the “Fish Hawk”.

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What does osprey Tattoos Mean ?

The osprey tattoo meaning can be somewhat of a mystery. Some believe that this bird represents those who are always on the search for knowledge and adventure. This is why they often appear on the shoulders or upper arm of those who love to travel. They are found tattooed as a talisman of sorts, meant to protect against bad luck and evil. Sailors will often get these tattoos for this reason.

Other osprey meanings include:

* Fishing – believed to bring good luck when fishing

* Eternal Hope – This bird is believed to mate for life, which can portray eternal hope

* Motherhood – The osprey has the amazing ability to lift more than it weighs, which some refer to as “mothering”. Some women get this tattoo in honor of their children or their own mother.

The osprey is also a very popular tattoo due to its beautiful and detailed design. It includes many different elements, such as:

* Feathers – Many artists choose to include the feathers in this or a related design for this reason. They can range anywhere from realistic to simple, which allows you to customize your tattoo over time.

* Talons – The talons of the osprey are very deadly, which is why this bird was chosen to represent the military. Some veterans get this tattoo for this reason. It can also stand for taking hold of your destiny, instead of letting it take hold of you.

* Wings – These birds have interesting wings that have a “dip” in them, which can be seen as a symbol of inner peace and freedom.

* Eyes – The eyes are often very detailed and realistic, making them an important part of the design.

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The osprey holds many meanings to those that get this tattoo. It is truly a unique design that represents a life full of travel and personal growth. The “Fish Hawk” will never let you down, so consider adding this beautiful bird to your body.