Pansy tattoo meaning and symbolism

As a tattoo design, the pansy is often used in remembrance of a loved one who has passed away. The shape of the flower represents remembering not only the person’s appearance but also their personality.

The tattoo design can also represent positive memories of the deceased.

Pansy arm tattoo
Pansy arm tattoo @briana_buju_tattoo

Pansy tattoos are good choices for both men and women. They’re fairly small, which makes them fairly versatile in terms of location on the body. Many people choose to get pansies with thorns around them because it represents how they may have hurt you but now they’re gone and you wish they were still a part of your life.

Another common idea is to put the pansy inside a heart shape, which shows that you loved them and your love for that person still remains.

Pansies can also be used in unique ways such as pairing it with other flowers tattoo ideas , such as roses or daisies. Many people add other meanings to their tattoos, so if someone prefers daisies, they might get it next to their pansy tattoo for the same reason. Pansies are cute and simple tattoos, so if you’re looking for something with meaning but also wanting it to be delicate, this is the right choice.

Pansy Tattoo colors and their meaning

Another thing to think about when considering a pansy tattoo is the color of your flower. This will often be used as an additional meaning. Often, black and red are used for this type of tattoo because they both represent the feelings that give it its meaning.

Black pansies can represent a variety of things depending on what you want it to mean. Often, they can use it to represent death or a person who died recently.

Red pansies are often used for love and romance because of its romantic connotation.

When you’re looking for color meanings, don’t forget the thorns as well! In some cultures, like Celtic ones, black represents protection and strength while red represents passion.

Pansies are very flexible in their tattoo design, so you can do pretty much whatever you want with them! If you’re looking for something simple with meaning that’s also feminine, this is the right flower for you.

pansy tattoo locations and their meaning

Where on the body you choose to get your pansy tattoo can also be thought of as a representation of what it means.

The most common locations for this type of tatto are the shoulder, wrist, ankle, back of neck/back and ribs. If you have any thoughts about where you might like to get this tattoo design, these areas may be a good place to start.

If you’d like your tattoo in a more visible area, the shoulder or ribs are great spots for this design. Having it on the foot is also good because lots of people like wearing shoes and socks during colder months when tattoos can be harder to show off.

Having a pansy tattoo in an area you can’t regularly show it off is fine too! May people choose to get their tattoos in hidden areas because they want to be able to see the tattoo but not everyone else.

One of the most popular areas for this type of tattoo, however, is on the ribs. The rib cage is very visible when you’re wearing something that bares your midriff and the ribs themselves are a vulnerable spot nobody else is going to see. It’s one of the more unique tattoo design ideas out there, so it can add something special to your body art.

The wrist is another common area for this type of flower because many people like having tattoos on their wrists. They’re also visible when you hold your hand in a way that shows the inside of your wrist, which is great if you want people to see it.

The back of neck/back are another location where this tattoo can look good because these areas tend to be more exposed depending on what kind of clothing you wear and how your hair is styled.

Do pansy tattoos work the best for men or women ?

There are only a few differences between the way pansy tattoos look on men and women. This flower can be used to represent many different things, so no matter your preference you’ll be able to get something that means something special to you.

It’s also one of those flower tattoos that people often associate as feminine, which can make them popular among women as well. There are some very masculine flowers (like the rose), but this is not one of them.

Pansy leg tattoo
Pansy leg tattoo @poisson_tattoo

If you’re a fan of this type of tattoo and don’t want to mess with the meanings too much, it’s great for men and women alike! It’s also another flower that can work for people who don’t identify as male or female and prefer not to use gendered language when talking about their body art.