Peach tattoo meaning and symbolism

The peach, the fruit of beauty and eternal youth is one of the most popular fruits in tattooing. Most often it may be seen on a belly or hips as well as on a full back.

What’s the meaning behind peach tattoos?

A peach tattoo can be a symbol of fertility, fruitfulness, and femininity. It can also symbolize the beginning of something new in your life (according to popular belief, peach was the first fruit that ripened in paradise).

peach arm tattoo
peach arm tattoo @ olgacaca

The reason why people who are not too keen on tattoos choose this particular motif for their body art is probably due to its delicate nature and romantic connotations.

The tattoo with a peach can also mean life itself. Some people chose to express hidden passion with a tattoo of a kiss on the cheek, while others do it in a more direct way. A popular place for women is their pelvis area where they represent sexuality and romanticism at once.

As for men who opt for this type of tattooing, it is usually on the chest or shoulder.

Due to all the different colors peaches come in, they can symbolize several things at once: gentleness and femininity, fertility and reproduction of life (birth), fruitfulness and eternity (peach preserves made from dried peaches).

Another interesting thing is that peach tattoos have different meanings in different cultures. For instance, in France it symbolizes love while in Japan it is believed to help single ladies get married.

To have peach tattoos you don’t have to actually have one on your body. The image of this fruit is also often used as a sign or symbol which is why people who are not sure whether to use the same motif for their tat

The most famous peach tattoos are probably the ones placed on justin and heiley bieber.

cute peach ancle tattoo
cute peach ankle tattoo @

How to place a peach tattoo?

You can choose a classic way and get a peach belly tattoo or hip tattoo with the sun peeking out from behind it, but there are other options as well: you can put a peach tattoo on your wrist or ankle, or even place it on your back.

The meaning of the peach tattoo changes depending on where you place it on your body. It can be an emblem of femininity, sexuality, fertility, vitality and youthfulness. The most popular places are the neck or hips, but also back.

For an interesting accent to your look try having a peach tattoo done in black ink. If you want to be ahead of the curve, choose eccentric placement for this one: get it on your cheeks or just behind the ear.

You may also vary the design to make it easier to work with other tattoos or if you are trying to work around a scar.

matching peach hip tattoos
matching peach hip tattoos @ ritueltattoo

Wrap Up

Decorating your body with a peach tattoo can be seen as a symbol of fertility, fruitfulness and femininity in some cultures.

It is an adorable symbol of life itself. Some people choose to express hidden passion with a kiss, while others do it in a more direct way. The most popular place for tattoos is the belly or hips however other places can also be used such as wrists and ankles.