Pegasus tattoo meaning and symbolism

Pegasus is often depicted as white-winged horse, with a beautiful flowing mane and tale. His parents were Medusa and Poseidon. He is a symbol of wisdom, it brings success in intellectual activities such as arts or literature, adventure, speed, and strength . He was also known to never stop till he reaches his goal.

pegasus chest tattoo
pegasus chest tattoo @silverliningsbykris

what’s the meaning behind pegasus tattoos?

Pegasus tattoos are symbols of wisdom , knowledge and creativity. It’s a great tattoo to get as it’s such a strong and majestic symbol that can really make you look like an individual. If you like mythology, or just want something different then pegasus tattoos are for you.

It is believed that Pegasus also represents speed, adventure, strength and power. It also holds symbolism of high ideals, aspirations, and hopes.

This tattoo is a great choice for those who are strong-willed and always keep moving towards their goals and dreams no matter what comes in their way.

Generally, tattoos of horses symbolize speed, freedom and gracefulness. Pegasus tattoo represents the bearer as a person who can quickly adapt to any situation that may come his way.

This symbol of strength and power, on the other hand is often depicted with a bow or spear in its hand. This gives the bearer an impression of courage and self-discipline.

As far as color goes, white pegasus tattoos give a person a sense of purity and innocence while black ones indicate a person’s dominance in the face of obstacles.

Pegasus tattoo placements and their meanings

Pegasus back tattoo
Pegasus back tattoo @ yamiltattoos

People often choose the back of the neck for their pegasus tattoos. It is a visible spot yet easily avoids notice or direct scrutiny. This placement of the tattoo represents the bearer’s ability to conceal his vulnerabilities and fears while being very open about his morals, goals, and ambitions in life.

Another popular place to get pegasus tattoos is on the shoulder blades. This placement of tattoos represents the bearer’s desire to stay true to himself no matter what people say about him.

Pegasus tattoo designs are also popular on the sides of the rib cage, usually one on each side. These spots are very visible yet still able to be covered by clothes if need be for formal occasions. People often chose these locations if they want to be very open about their goals and ambitions, which are generally regarded as being very important in one’s life.

Do pegasus tattoos work best on men or women?

Both! This is a rather common tattoo design for both men and women.

Although pegasus tattoos are generally regarded as being a masculine choice of body art, some women also choose this symbol to represent themselves, mainly because of the symbolism behind it.

This majestic creature also has feminine connotations in some cultures which can be represented by a woman with the wings of a pegasus.