Pendulum tattoo meaning and symbolism

The term “pendulum” can be used to refer to a clock, but in terms of spiritual beliefs it has come to signify other meanings. For example, if we imagine time as having past, present and future periods or chapters, the pendulum refers to the past, which is what you have left behind.

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The symbolism of the pendulum has many references that may vary according to the different cultures, religions and beliefs of people who choose this particular tattoo design. However, there are some symbolic meanings that can be considered common among most. Based on these aspects of meaning we will try to discover the true symbolism of the Pendulum tattoo.

The different symbolism of the pendulum:

1- The past: It can refer to something that happened in your life but it is now over with; you have learned from your mistakes and have left them behind – whether they be mistakes, missed opportunities or bad experiences – but you have learnt from them and grown as a person.

2- Forgiveness: It is said that pendulums can help us in different ways and one of them is to forgive and not harbor negative feelings towards others for past wrongs done to you. Holding on to resentments or grudges will only hurt you in the long run, so it is important to forgive and move on.

3- Wisdom: In many spiritual beliefs, the power of pendulums is also attributed to wisdom. It is believed that having a pendulum will help you achieve balance in your life by allowing you to receive accurate answers from yourself through meditation and inner peace. This allows one to lead a wise and more fulfilling life.

4- Control: It is said that the pendulum can help you feel more in control of your own life by providing you with direction and guidance from within yourself, rather than relying on others to give it to you. It helps you achieve balance and harmony by helping you keep a introspective view of your own thoughts, feelings and inner desires.

5- Awareness: In many spiritual beliefs, the pendulum is also considered a tool for increasing your awareness about yourself and your surrounding environment. It offers you guidance where there are no set paths to follow. By allowing yourself to do some self-introspection, it can help you be more aware of the choices you make each day.

6- Guidance: It is believed in many spiritual belief systems that the pendulum can help you follow the path that will lead to your true destiny, by helping you discover answers that are beyond time and space. They are answers that lie within you, which only you have access to when you are in a deep state of meditation.


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There are many reasons why someone might choose a pendulum as a tattoo design. If you have had a tough time in your life and have learned from your mistakes but still feel that you carry them with you, then a Pendulum tattoo can be a great reminder to let go of the past and move on. It is also a symbol for wisdom, control, awareness and guidance – all of which can be achieved with the help of a pendulum tattoo.

The pendulum is not only associated with negative aspects of life but also with positive ones as well. If you are looking for more balance in your life or have made some past mistakes that you want to let go of, then the pendulum tattoo can be very powerful.