Penny tattoo meaning and symbolism

The origins of the symbol are not known exactly. It is believed to originate from Ancient Greece where it was used for protection and as a ward against evil spirits.

This artistic expression of the symbol has been popularized through movies, television and other forms of media. One example that comes to mind is Adele ‘s popular “ONE PENNY” tattoo on her hand.

The usual interpretations do not go beyond protection and good luck, but there are also more complex meanings that include hope and courage, or love.

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What does a penny tattoo actually mean ?

These days, a lot of people get a penny as a tattoo to symbolize good luck.

The coin itself can be either real or fake. By getting this tattoo, you’re basically asking for good luck in your life. It’s not the most conventional symbol of luck but it represents an important aspect of our society – belief in money and how it affects us as individuals. Whether it’s a good or bad thing is another debate entirely.

Another popular meaning is that a penny, in some cultures, can be used as a cure against evil spirits and therefore the tattoo itself has been adopted from this ancient form of belief.

You might also get a penny tattoo that symbolizes the fight against poverty or charitable donations to impoverished people in third world countries. In other words, you’re asking for help from higher forces and deities, which is why it’s so powerful.

While a penny isn’t exactly a significant amount of money, it’s still a form of currency and if you believe in some sort of higher power or just have some super deep-rooted belief that some coin will be the deciding factor between life and death, then by all means this is your tattoo.

The symbol also represents wealth as it is based on the rich history of coins and some people.

Finally, a lot of people get this tattoo to show how much they value money, even though they have no interest in getting wealthy.

There are many different meanings of a penny tattoo but it’s up to you to choose the one most suited for your personality and life philosophy.

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Does the color of a penny tattoo matters ?

The color that you choose for your tattoo obviously depends on what meaning you’re trying to convey. For example, if you want to symbolize greed then it would be best to get something gold inked onto your body rather than silver or bronze.

If you want to show some deep-rooted belief that a penny might be the only thing able to save your life, then you better go with copper or any other rusty and dark brownish color.

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