Phases of the moon tattoo meaning ( explained )

The phases of the moon tattoo, as you have seen from numerous documentaries and movies about werewolves, represent transformation. In other words, they symbolize change or growth that is not only psychological but also physical.

phases of the moon tattoo in the forearm
phases of the moon tattoo in the forearm via instagram

It means a beginning of something new in your life. The next stage will be different from all those you’ve experienced before. Although it may feel like you are merely changing, in fact, you are transforming on a deeper level.

This is why the transformation of the moon phases stands for many different things. For example, if you were born on the new moon or even at full moon, this could symbolize birth of something new in your life (e.g., a child, a new job, etc.).

On the other hand, if you were born during the crescent moon or even just after it began to wane, this could symbolize more of the beginning than of something that is complete. It’s almost like your life had just begun and now you’re starting to develop your skills which will serve as foundation for your future successes.

Goddesses associated with lunar energy are often defenders of children and are immortal matrons of childbirth. Such deities include: Virgin Mary, Kuan Yin, Artemis, Diana,  Hecate.


cute colorful moon phases tattoo
minimalist and colorful moon phases tattoo @kara.inks

And of course, there are many additional meanings of phases of the moon tattoo

wisdom; wisdom and intelligence you gain over time;

revelation and insight; secrets revealed and understanding gained;

change in one’s life (as mentioned above).

Acknowledging these things can help you grow wiser and further on –’ll understand what happened to you and know how to deal with it.

minimalist moon phases tattoo
minimalist moon phases tattoo @west4tattoo

Further symbolism of the moon phases in a tattoo is connected with balance in anything you do in your life. For example, when you are changing something in your life it means that there was something wrong previously so this new thing will help you find equilibrium again which will make everything better for you.

And finally, what many people don’t know about the moon phases is that even though they represent constant changes and transformations, these changes are very subtle most of the time (just like with real lunar phases). However, if we take into account certain astrological aspects that will be in effect during your birth, you can have a tattoo that represents much more significant transformation.

If you think about it, the phases of the moon in a tattoo are vital when it comes to astrology. You should know which phase matches your personality best so your tattoo will not only look beautiful but also speak something important to other people.

phases of the moon tattoo in the forearm
Phases of the moon above waves tattooed in the forearm via lucas.dauner

Different phases, different meanings

The moon is very important in this context because it has always been connected with female energy and emotions, so when you put this symbol in a tattoo, you can express yourself through these two elements. Here’s how:

  • full moon phase – the most emotionally intense; especially good for expressing subconscious feelings and desires and even fears if they need to be out into open (e.g., through the use of color);
  • new moon phase – represents something which is new in your life; perfect for representing new beginnings (e.g., a new job, studies, etc.);
  • crescent moon phase – this one is very good if you want to emphasize that some change was just beginning and it will lead to transformation;
  • three-quarter moon – an incomplete circle which shows that something isn’t finished yet but it will be. It can even have a crossed sign inside meaning this situation won’t last forever, just like with crossing the threshold from one stage into another
  • waning crescent moon phase –crescent with an eye looking from darkness into light which means that you’re connecting your past with present transforming what you’ve been through into wisdom and knowledge. represents wisdom you gain over time which makes you wiser; once again, perfect for emphasizing that some change will bring new knowledge and information which will further transform your life.
moon phases calf tattoo
moon phases calf tattoo @elvenchronicle