Pig tattoo meaning and symbolism

A pig tattoo is a popular choice for people who love animals and want to immortalize their love in the form of ink on their skin. Pigs are associated with dirtiness because they like rolling around in the mud.

That’s why many people see pigs as very dirty animals, even though getting close enough to them, you will discover how clean they are. Since they are considered dirty, people associate them with stinkiness.

A pig tattoo can be a symbol of many things including fearlessness, adaptability, greediness, and even gluttony which is why there are so many different ways to interpret the symbolism of this animal in tattoos.

cartoo pig arm tattoo
cartoo pig arm tattoo @ blindesign

So, what do the different Pig tattoo designs mean?

Well, we have prepared a list of meanings and descriptions for different pig tattoo designs.

For example:

  • A Pig with wings – could symbolize how brave you are as you fly through life (without fear).
  • A Pig on hind legs – this design element is symbolic of gaining greater height in life.
  • A Pig as a pet with another animal – this is symbolic of how you mix your best friend with yours.
  • A Pig eating something – if you ink a tattoo of a pig eating, it could symbolize greediness or gluttony. If the pig isn’t eating anything, it could represent not judging books by their covers.
  • A Pig with a curly tail – this design element is symbolic of adaptability in life, which is very important when you are trying to achieve your goals.
  • A Pig with a crown – this is symbolic of self-discovery.
  • A Pig with flowers – this is a representation of abundance in life and can also be seen as a symbol of fertility.
  • A Pig running – this design element is symbolic of fearlessness and energy to change things in your life.

Why do sailors get pig and rooster tattoos?

Pig tattoos are popular with many different types of people. Sailors get pig tattoos to represent luck, safety, good health and prosperity.

A tattoo of a rooster is often accompanied by a Pig or Rooster in the sailor tattoo designs because in some parts of the world it is believed that they can control the weather when they are at sea. This is why sailors often get their tattoos of these animals on their arms, shoulders, or necks.

pig and roster feet tattoo
pig and roster feet tattoo @ tenshi.tats

Pig tattoos and religion

Pig tattoo designs are also associated with Christianity because the pig was considered an unclean animal for Jews and Muslims to eat.

That’s why Christians wore pig tattoos as a reminder that they were no longer bound by Jewish traditions.

Pig tattoo designs are popular among people of other religions too, but it is mainly used as Christian symbolism.

Quick Pig facts: Pigs are omnivores, eating both plants and other animals. They love to eat anything from plants, vegetables, roots and fruits, to eggs and meat. Pigs are social animals who have a very strong family unit. They love to be touched and cuddled, especially by children. Pigs are also considered as one of the smartest domestic animals.

lazy pig ankle tattoo
lazy pig ankle tattoo @ gnieszka_tattoo

In conclusion

pig tattoos mainly mean gluttony, greediness, and fertility.

A pig tattoo is a great choice for you if you love animals and want to do something fun but meaningful with your tattoos.

There are so many different pig tattoo designs to choose from and each design is unique, so it would be worth your while to do some research before you go in for a tattoo.

You can start here on our site, or you can search for more information and some inspiration.

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