Pin tattoo meaning and symbolism

Someone may say that a pin can hardly be considered as a meaningful symbol, but the history of tattooing will show you the importance of this small everyday object. The first pins appeared on Earth quite a long time ago and were used for fastening some pieces of clothes together or to fasten a veil.

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It was believed that a pin was a symbol of a guardian spirit in some traditions. Such a guardian spirit gave the owner courage and protected him from enemies, so pins were often given as presents to warriors before going into battle. Later, this tradition faded away but the symbolism of the pin didn’t change much: it meant protection and security in everyday life.

The pin tattoo meaning is not much different from its original purpose – to protect people from evil spirits or just secure their clothes together. In case when an evil eye is depicted on a tattoo design, it’s actually better if there is also a small pin incorporated in the picture because such symbols show how strong and deadly an evil eye (or any other negative force) can be and, as a result, how powerful the pin tattoo is. People also believed that there were some good magical properties in pins and they could help their owners earn money.

In modern days, tattoos with the symbols of pins are mostly used by girls; whether it’s a simple little pin or an intricate tattoo design featuring multiple pins – this symbol looks both cute and kind of dangerous at the same time. Such designs can be executed either on your back (with no one seeing them) or on your shoulder or foot.

The unique symbolism of this small object has made the pin tattoo very popular among people who wear tattoos for protection because if someone sees such pictures on you , he will definitely think twice before trying to disturb you!

Pin Tattoo Meaning in the “World of Angels”

If you are interested in angels or want to tattoo their pictures on your body, then pin tattoo meaning will be quite different. Angels are usually associated with purity and light, but they can also be dangerous creatures if they feel threatened. So an angel with a pin means that he is just trying to protect himself by maybe pricking his pursuer’s finger so that he received some blood which marked him as the sinner.

People who dedicate angel pictures inside their bodies believe that such tattoos keep them safe from negative forces because angels chase these evil spirits away constantly no matter where they hide. Such tattoos can be executed on the hips, chest or backs of people because angels are usually depicted as being very tall. Of course, if you have an angel with wings tattooed on your body, then you should dedicate it to someone whom you love deeply because these creatures always protect their loved ones by surrounding them with light and warmth.

One more thing about this tattoo is that it looks best when there are pearls or stars around the angel – this additional design will make him look even kinder and gentler so if you think that it’s your guardian angel who watches over you all day long, then show everyone how much he means to you!

Pin Tattoo designs and Pictures

If you want to get a pin tattoo design but you don’t want to pick it randomly without knowing any specific information about this symbol, then we can help you: here is a list of pin tattoo pictures that will inspire and give ideas for your future tattoos:

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This picture shows not only an interesting design but also the meaning behind it. It’s obvious that such tattoos with pins were used as talismans before going into battle – both the owner and his fellow warriors could be protected by such symbols. Even now, if someone sees such a picture, he or she will definitely know what kind of person has it inked on his skin; we hope that we helped you find your perfect tattoo design!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our article about pin tattoo designs and meanings and maybe even found a design for your next tattoo. Have a nice day!