Pinwheel tattoo meaning and symbolism

Pinwheel tattoos come in many different colors and styles. Generally, the pinwheel tattoo meaning is one of innocence or youthful naiveté.

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The sharp point on each blade of the pinwheel creates an image that reminds us of sharpened pencils- all precise angles and pointed edges.

Symbol of childhood

This same imagery can be found in children’s books where young boys are shown to play with toy pinwheels spinning them in the breeze; the wooden toy whirling through the air never touching ground.

It has become a symbol of childhood daydreaming or simply pure imagination lost forever as we grow older.

The pinwheel’s ability to stand still when faced with resistance represents society’s beliefs surrounding innocence: it must be preserved all costs! Like holding hands with a friend to keep from falling, society tries to hold on to its innocence as much as possible, but as the days go by the innocence is lost. In this way, pinwheel tattoos can be seen as symbol of hope or nostalgia.

Religious meanings of  pinwheels

In addition, some suggest that the shape of the pinwheel evokes negative energies being dispersed in all direction-or at least those energies being disrupted and unable to cause harm because they are no longer centralized.

Another possibility for this imagery might stem from religious beliefs where a pinwheel could be used to help usher souls into heaven –the pinwheel flinging their soul upwards towards God.

Amongst ancient civilizations, the pinwheel played a part in rituals involving magikal practices using smoke and mirrors. The pinwheel itself was believed to be a vessel of sorts for souls to escape the physical realm. These same rituals might explain the use of pinwheels in clown makeup or worn as part of an evil clown costume!

Our culture is rife with images that are intended to shock, startle, and surprise us causing our adrenaline levels to skyrocket. And still others are meant simply to delight-to put a smile on your face making you laugh out loud.

The pinwheel tattoo falls solidly into this latter category being playful and childlike—more silly than scary. Pinwheel tattoos can come in many shapes colors styles but most often they take the form of four-petal flowers with blades so sharpened they look like rather than leaves. The image may be solid-one color or multi dimensional and open in design allowing for even more versatility.

Pinwheel tattoo designs

Pinwheel tattoos are most commonly seen on the inner wrist, ankle, front of the torso (upper chest, abdomen) and outer side of the upper arm.

They may also be found on the back of the lower leg bicep near elbow or shoulder blade. Celebrities such as Ke$ha, Rihanna, Jason Derulo , Kelly Clarkson Jenny McCarthy , Hayden Panettiere and Jenny Slate have been known to sport pinwheel tattoos.

Cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty Flash from “Zatch Bell,” Skull Kid from “Legend of Zelda,” some styles of Tinkerbells have all been spotted sporting a variety of pinwheels!

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If you have come to the decision that a pinwheel tattoo is right for you, it’s important to find an artist who specializes in this style. It’s also wise to choose a design layout with an eye towards symmetry and balance so as not to disrupt the overall flow of the tattoo. If done correctly, your pinwheel tattoo will come alive on your skin-producing a unique shading effect that can only be achieved by someone skilled in this intricate form of artistry.