Pixiu tattoo meaning and symbolism

The pixiu (貔貅) is a mythical beast resembling a winged lion. Pixiu tattoos are relatively rare, which makes them all the more collectable and interesting to those who love this style of tattooing. Pixius have very distinct features that make them unique from other styles of tattoo art. This article will provide an overview of the symbolism and meaning behind the pixiu tattoo.

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Where Does The Pixiu Symbolism Come From?

The pixiu belongs to a family of traditional Chinese mythical beasts called “chilong” (螭龍). These are snake-like dragons who are thought to bring good fortune. They are considered to be particularly powerful, so are often used as guardians. Pixiu have the head of a Chinese dragon, the body of a lion and two eagle-like wings that stretch out horizontally from their shoulders.

The exact origins of this mythical creature are unknown, although they can first be found in ancient Chinese artwork in the 3rd century BC. It wasn’t until around 1000 AD that the pixiu began to be actually used in Chinese practices, where it was believed they would protect your home from evil spirits and bad luck.

What Does The Pixiu Symbolize?

The pixiu are considered to be extremely powerful animals, and they’re thought to be able to attract and absorb energy from their surroundings. Pixiu are thought to be powerful guardians, protecting the home and its occupants from evil spirits.

The pixiu will always protect those who care for them and it’s widely believed that if your home has a pixiu guarding over it, you will never experience any form of bad luck. It’s also thought that the pixiu will absorb all negative energy which means your home and family should never be exposed to dangerous elements such as fire, burglars or other dangers.

Pixiu tattoos are often worn by those who feel they may need a little extra protection, perhaps because they work in an occupation where they may need a little extra help from the powers that be. The pixiu is also associated with strength, courage and power which can make it an excellent tattoo for those who wish to project these qualities.

What Do Pixiu Tattoos Look Like?

The most distinguishing features of a pixiu tattoo are its twin wings, which are usually extended commonly to the side or behind the wearer. Pixiu tattoos can come in any color but red is considered to be the best representation of this mythical creature. The pixiu tattoo is often incorporated with other traditional Chinese symbols such as fire dragons and phoenixes.

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Which part of your body would you get a Pixiu tattoo?

The pixiu is a very distinctive style of tattoo design and can be adorned pretty much anywhere on your body. They’re commonly found on the shoulder blades, lower back, thighs and arms. The most popular placement for a pixiu tattoo would probably be on a sleeve or across the shoulders.

Pixiu tattoos are a very traditional style of tattooing, and can be found in both Eastern and Western tattoo shops. It’s thought that the pixiu is a particularly powerful animal which makes it a good choice for your first or only tattoo. Pixiu tattoos can also help protect you from evil spirits, so if you have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while, this could be the right design to choose.

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