Planchette tattoo meaning and symbolism

The planchette tattoo is a symbol of protection and guidance from the world beyond.

It can be chosen by someone who has lost a loved one, or someone who wants to honour them for their presence in their life.

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The pointer on the planchette points towards the person being guided so they know where to go and what to do. It’s also the perfect tattoo for someone who believes they have gone through a dark period that resulted in them finding their life path.

Planchette tattoos often represent an event, relationship or experience that has had a significant impact on the bearer. The planchette can be depicted as pointing towards three different destinations depending on its purpose. The bearer usually chooses whether it should point towards the sky, towards the ground or to the side so they know which direction their life is taking them in.

Other planchette tattoo meaning and symbolism

The planchette (or spirit board) can represent a connection to someone who has passed away, and because of that, it can also mean protection from them. It’s a way of being able to communicate with the dead in case you have any unanswered questions or anything to say. It can be hard to let go of someone, even when they are no longer around, so having this tattoo is a helpful reminder that you will see them again one day.

The planchette is also used in séances with mediums, to ask questions of the dead. It’s believed that spirits guide the planchette to specific letters on the board, spelling out their responses to questions. The bearer of the tattoo might see it as a reminder of how powerful they can be; or rather, how their mind and body cannot be fooled. This is because if you think of a person, you might make the planchette point towards them even though they are not there. If this happens it could mean that nothing supernatural is going on, but rather your subconscious desires a sign from a loved one.

The bearer of the planchette tattoo may also see it as a representation of guiding or protection from beyond the grave. They might see themselves as their own protector, doing them justice by having this symbol inked onto their skin. Additionally, they can use it to ask for guidance in case they are unsure about what path to choose in life. Self-knowledge is a very important part of tattoo journeys, and this is one way to achieve it. Maybe you want to get a planchette tattoo because you see it as your approval giving guide for which path in life to take.

A spiritual belief that can be connected with the spirit board is ‘The Pagan Wheel of the Year’, which is a belief that there are eight festivals in a year, and each one has its own deity. The planchette symbolizes the connection to all life; it’s through this that we get our energy and power. With that power you can do anything: like finding your true path in life and letting go of fear.

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The bearer may also see the planchette as a shield against negativity and evil; it’s their guide to victory and success, and it can protect them from all that is evil in this world. This tattoo could be chosen by someone who has had their life changed for the better negatively, like having gone through a rough period and overcoming it. It’s like a reminder that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and it will be successful in the end.

planchette tattoos can be worn by both men and women equally, but it’s more common among females. It can represent a journey to self-discovery and understanding who you are and what you want out of life. It might also be the bearer’s way of showing their connection to the spirit world and believing they can receive guidance from those who have passed away.

planchette tattoo design and ideas

The planchette is usually depicted as a heart-shaped board with three legs, and typically hovers above the object which was supposed to be moved. However, it doesn’t have to be exactly like that for you to get a good idea of what your tattoo should look like.

You can take the inverted heart symbol and make it your own by adding other elements like feathers (for protection), keys (which can mean opening locked doors in life) or stars (which show the connection to the spirit world). You can also play with colors, because there are no rules when it comes to making up your mind about what you want.

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Some may go for bright colors, and others for more subtle ones such as black and white.

The planchette tattoos can be drawn free handed or with stencils. If you want to do it without a stencil, you’ll need a good drawing hand and some patience. The idea of this tattoo is for it to be simple, so the simpler the better. You can also always ask a friend or family member who’s good at drawing to make one for you.

There are many different ways to wear your planchette tattoo. Some may want to have it on their arms, legs or back. Others may opt to have it on their wrist or ankle. However, if you aren’t sure about what tattoo design to choose for yourself, this one can be a great way to go when finding your first one!

The planchette is often depicted in tattoos as being made of metal because that’s how they are typically made today.