Pluto tattoo meaning and symbolism

Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld, ruler of the dead. It seemed to be an appropriate choice for a tattoo design given its notoriety as a destination in human space flight.

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Pluto has been an ongoing source of controversy since former US President Jimmy Carter redefined it as “not” a planet in 1978 after many other celestial bodies were found orbiting beyond Neptune (the outermost known large planetary member of our solar system).

Pluto tattoo meaning and symbolism:

Planet Pluto has a special place in the hearts of those who have been fascinated with space exploration from an early age.

In astrology, it rules over Scorpio and Capricornus (and formerly Sagittarius) as well as being considered the higher octave of Venus Earth’s symbiotic natural satellite associated with Scorpio and Capricornus that together form an earth trine which stabilizes our own natal moon in Cancer.

Many cultures consider planets to be living entities with their own spirit or soul; this belief is especially true for Pluto.

Pluto symbol tattoo can represent the god of death and rebirth.

It can also symbolize an intense connection to space exploration, space travel, astronomy, astrology or anything else that is related to space or death.

Pluto tattoo design:

this is a very detailed symbol with plenty of empty space around it allowing for easy placement on any part of the body. It can be drawn bigger or smaller depending on your needs and preferences.

Pluto symbol tattoos are typically done in either blackwork or neo traditional style, but can also be colored if desired. Pluto tattoos are suitable for men and women alike.

When choosing a Pluto symbol you should decide what it means to you personally since its meaning changes according to the context in which it is used just like other symbols do. Placing inside or inside the logo of an organization whose ethos depends on its representatives being reckless and reckless in their approach to life can be seen as an act of honouring them.

On the other side, using it inside the logo of an organization that encourages self-reflection, introversion or even solitude could mean signifying your dedication to this cause instead. Notice how much thought you put into your choice; once done, go for it!


With all that said, however, it’s important to remember that it’s quite unlikely you’ll ever meet someone who has gone to Pluto for their first tattoo. Most people simply prefer the design as a symbol of exploration or the general mystery of space. It’s also an excellent choice for fans of Roman mythology or even those with interest in dark artistic designs like Gothic tattoos.