Possum tattoo meaning and symbolism

The possum is an animal that most people would like to see dead. Although it may be cute in some ways for a short time, if you were to encounter one in the wild and in the dark when they do not expect it, then all of that would quickly change. Possums are sneaky animals that will eat anything including carrion, which is already dead animal flesh.

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So, what does Possum tattoos mean?

For this reason, a possum tattoo can mean a lot of things to different people. It could represent a loved one who has passed on and was not hygienic or loved ones that have been around you lately that have not been very nice – kind of like the possum – just here for the food.

It could also symbolize a loved one who was taken too soon or someone you wish you had gotten to know better while they were still with us. The possum is an opportunistic animal that has even been known to eat their own kind, so it can symbolize someone who you feel betrayed you but then again you betrayed them too in some way.

It might also represent people who try to take advantage of you or make your life difficult when you are nice to them; for example, the person you give all of your time and energy to but they don’t appreciate it at all. They will take advantage of how much you wanted to do something with them or help them.

(Whether they are “takers” to the core, people who take advantage of you but don’t realize it themselves, or conning-type people is up to your discretion.) It might also represent someone you really care about that does not care for you as much as you care for them. Possums are loners and if you feel lonely it might represent someone who is always there for you but does not want anything to do with you.

Possums are nocturnal so it can also be symbolic of someone who likes the dark where they are more comfortable or they show their true colors. It may even symbolize a person that will not change for the better, like a possum who will stay the same after you tried to help it. The possum is also known for raiding garbage cans and eating anything they can get their paws on.

For this reason, if someone in your life always seems to do that (eat everything you put out for them but then they leave you but seem to never get their own stuff) then the possum could represent them. It also represents someone in your life who has passed on for one reason or another and you wish they were still around.