Power button tattoo meaning and symbolism

The power button tattoo carries a lot of symbolism and meaning. This is an elegant way to show the world your decision to take command over your life. It will definitely attract people’s attention. It is also a great idea for those who work in IT field, as this symbolizes their occupation (a sort of logo).

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There are many legends and stories explaining the power button tattoo. Read a few of them below.

Power button tattoo meaning

One explanation says that the power button tattoo shows a person’s willingness to break free from society and become an individual. Another one explains that this symbol represents freedom as the power button is typically associated with computers, smartphones and other devices we can use for personal advancement. You find your freedom in any computer or smartphone, if you know how to use it properly. Computers are the future, man.

” I need freedom, ’cause I’m gonna break free ” – Queen

Some people turn to the power button tattoo because they have previously suffered from depression or some other mental disorder. They feel that this symbol represents their struggle to rise above it. If you are not sure what your tattoo means, this is a good choice for you.

People who have failed relationships often turn to the power button tattoo. It represents their desire to break free from social norms and become independent. Moreover, this tattoo is believed to protect people from negative energy, so it’s great for those who are often dealing with negative people.

Power button tattoo meaning for computer geeks

This symbol has become a popular choice among computer geeks, as it is closely related to their work. They also consider it to represent freedom, so you can easily see this tattoo on IT specialists’ bodies. People in the IT field usually associate themselves with this symbol, as it is closely related to their occupation.

The power button tattoo might also represent struggling against society’s norms. Breaking free from these rules and taking control over your life is what the power button starts when you press it on a device. This is why people who want to show their decision to control their own lives and break free from social norms choose this tattoo.

Power button tattoos for those who feel like they are not themselves

Some people turn to the power button tattoo as a sign that they don’t plan on following society’s rules anymore as this is what this symbol stands for (breaking free from these rules). It also signifies a person’s belief in himself and his ability to control his own life.

This tattoo is believed to protect people from negative energy, so it can be a great choice for those who are often facing with negative people.

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Power button tattoo meaning for gamers

Some people also turn to this symbol when they’re playing computer games. The power button will start the game when you press it. Symbolically, this tattoo shows their love towards computer games and how they want to break free from society’s rules.

As you may have noticed, this tattoo has many explanations. If you turn to it, make sure its meaning is really important for you. Power button tattoos look great on arms and backs , so they are perfect for men. However, they can also be placed on legs or another place, so women may also choose this tattoo.