Pretzel tattoo meaning and symbolism

A popular tattoo design among tattoo lovers, pretzels have a wide variety of meanings. In some cultures, the pretzel is a symbol of good luck and fortune. It can also represent being twisted or entangled in an awkward position. We have gathered all the information you need to know about the pretzel tattoo meaning, as well as some examples of pretzel tattoos that we found on the net.

For this article, we have specifically focused on the pretzels tattoo meanings.

The traditional way of eating a pretzel is by dipping it in mustard, which adds to their symbolism. They are also often eaten alongside beer or some other alcoholic beverage, which makes them a good choice for a drinking buddy.

The themes of luck and fortune can be linked with the pretzel due to its shape, that resembles a person’s arms crossed in prayer. A crossed pretzel is also often associated with believing in something or someone, just like people cross their fingers before making a wish. There are also some lesser known pretzel meanings associated with the shape of its name – “pretiola” which means little reward.

Finally, the religious meaning is present in many cultures where Christians would twist bread into a knot to symbolise being broken for Christ. They are also often seen as the arms of Jesus on the cross and represented hope for life outside the prison walls.

Pretzels are often associated with good luck, fortune, belief and religion. They can symbolise being entwined or twisted but also having something that you hold on to truly believe in it. The possibilities are endless when trying to find a suitable pretzel tattoo for yourself!

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If you are looking for a pretzel tattoo idea, here is our selection of the best ones on the net:

Credit instagram

Credit instagram

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