Prism tattoo meaning and symbolism

The prism tattoo is an edgy looking design that’s quickly gaining in popularity. It has quite a bit of versatility, making it equally suited for both men and women. The design can be rendered in black work or bright colors, even gradient effects like rainbow gradient (the most common one by far), red/yellow/orange/blue/green and so on.

Symbolically, the prism is associated with a multitude of concepts: enlightenment, truth and knowledge, the seven chakras (there are 7 colors in a rainbow), order out of chaos, etc.It can also symbolize the shattering of illusions or misrepresentations that prevent one from seeing the truth. It has a similar meaning to the Yin Yang symbol.

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Prism tattoo design ideas

Prism tattoos can be combined with other symbols for additional effect: butterflies, infinity symbols and yin yang are very popular. You can also add some text of your choice (for example your life motto). Try experimenting with different combinations and see what you like best!

As mentioned, the design can be rendered in monochrome or with bright colors. If you go for a rainbow gradient effect you’ll need to choose between red/orange/yellow, blue/green or both (blue, green and yellow). You may also experiment with different color combinations like blue/red/purple.

You can make the design highly realistic or go for a more abstract vibe. If you choose to use different colors, remember that each color symbolizes something very different. Orange/red stands for energy and passion, yellow is associated with mental clarity (brightness), green (which you’ll probably see most often) symbolizes healing and balance, blue is associated with truth, loyalty and the heavens (the ocean), purple stands for transformation.

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