pumpkin tattoo meaning and symbolism

Pumpkin tattoo designs are very common to people who love Halloween. Pumpkins are associated with the upcoming Halloween festival and how it can be used as a symbol of life and death.

It generally means to the living, that the spirit returns home after roaming around for several days during Halloween.

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The pumpkin also has another meaning which is related to first menstruation in girls. Moreover, some couples choose this design for their arm or leg tattoos because pumpkins are considered as lovely creatures which look pretty when they are drawn on palm or legs by using various colors like black, yellow, orange etc.

Pumpkin Tattoos – Cute Designs

The people who see these cute little pumpkins think that they are very simple pieces of art which can be drawn on any part of the body. But, they do not know that these little pumpkins are very tough to draw because it requires high skills and imagination. The artists who draw pumpkin tattoos take more time than other normal tattoo designs because they involve shading, black lining etc which demand special skills for drawing.

There is no need to think about the color scheme while getting a pumpkin design as you can use your favorite colors according to your mood or choice. You can get small sized pumpkins with cute designs of inscriptions on the back of your hand or wrist. Pumpkin tattoos are associated with Halloween which means they look very pretty when combined with spider web, skulls, bats etc. For instance, if you are getting a couple tattoo then you can get a pumpkin and skull design with your partner’s name.

Pumpkin Tattoos – The Meanings

The people who want to give their body art some special meaning, they cannot think of any other symbol than the famous pumpkin which is associated to Halloween.

There are various types of pumpkin tattoos which have different meanings.

Let us go through some of the interesting meanings of these designs:

Pumpkin Tattoo – Halloween

This is the most common design among the tattoo lovers. This symbolizes that you are a fan of Halloween and love decorating your home with pumpkins for this festival. Moreover, this is a sign of the triumph of life over death.

Pumpkin with a candle – Autumn and Halloween

Having a pumpkin tattoo also symbolizes being an autumn person. The pumpkin with a candle is considered as one of the best designs which can be drawn on your back shoulder or any other part of the body. In most cases, people get pumpkin tattoos on their back as they look very impressive.

Pumpkin tattoo – First menstruation

Another important thing associated with this design is a girl’s first menstruation which you can express by getting a simple drawing of a pumpkin which looks pretty. Moreover, the girls who have just reached their puberty age, they love to wear these designs on their arms or legs.

Pumpkin – Harvest time

This is a simple meaning of the pumpkin. The tattoo lovers wear these designs on their neck or arms to express that they belong to a village and love everything related to nature. Even, some couples get this design with their partner’s name as it shows the bond between them.

Pumpkin Tattoo – Couples

Couples who want to get inked with small symbols of their endless love for each other, they generally choose pumpkin tattoos. These are not very big designs which can be drawn on any part of the body so it does not look too much impressive. But the beauty is that you can get different types of designs over your body parts like your back, wrist, foot etc.

The size and location of this tattoo depends upon you as there is no strict definition related to it. If you are ready for such type of tattoos then go for it because they will never disappoint you in any way instead they will enhance your outlook by adding attractive looks to it.

Pumpkin Tattoos – Their Placement

Before going to place a pumpkin tattoo design on your body you should know about the placement of these designs. These type of tattoos look good when placed on various parts of the body like upper back, lower back, leg etc so pick any desired location and start designing it with some beautiful shading and black lining technique which add more beauty to small sized tattoos.

In fact, there is no specific definition or purpose related to this tattoo design because it is just decorated with high skilled techniques in order to make it attractive for others. It is better to consult with an expert artist before getting these tattoos inked on your body because it is not a permanent tattoo and can be removed easily.

Pumpkin Tattoos – Best Designs for You

There are several designs available for pumpkin tattoos but the traditional one which is shown below will suit best on anyone who wants to have such type of tattoos. If you want this design but unable to find it anywhere nearby then search online as there are thousands of talented artists available which provide their clients with all types of tattoo designs according to their choice and budget.

Make sure that you hire a professional tattoo artist otherwise it might become a reason of increasing your expenditure instead of making your appearance prettier.

Nowadays, couples prefer taking help from tattoo artists for getting their names, initials or any other significant words inked on themselves so they can keep their love forever attached with each other. Pumpkin tattoos are also becoming very popular among couples because it is simple yet adds more beauty to the wearer which everyone likes to have especially ladies.