Quail tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattoos with the silhouette of a quail have a great meaning and symbolism. There are tons of ideas for this image, all with different meanings. So let’s find out what these tattoos mean!

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Although it is one of the smallest members of the Phasianidae family, which also includes pheasant and grouse, the quail is a very fondly admired bird that brings good luck and joy to those who spot its tiny form on the ground or in flight.

A tattoo with a silhouette of this tiny creature can be a symbol of protection, as well as represent someones carefree nature, adventurous spirit and freedom loving character.

The quail is also considered to be a watchful animal. Legend has it that if one watches carefully for quails they will see the soul of their dead ancestors emerge from the ashes ready to guide them through life.

A tattoo with this meaning could indicate that you are looking out for your loved ones, or your future and that you are always on the lookout for new opportunities.

Quails are often found in pair, which may symbolize friendship, love or commitment.

If you want to get a tattoo with the silhouette of this bird for these reasons make sure you go to a talented artist who can do this image justice. It has to be not only the outline but also the quails feathers and details that make it look realistic.

This can all be done by hand, but there are always risks involved because many people have allergies to different chemicals used for coloring processes. However, if you’re up for the challenge, by all means go ahead! Make sure your artist is highly qualified before getting an outline like this one though – otherwise it might turn out looking more like a black blob than anything else!

Quails mate for life and so the image of these birds could signify true love. They rarely cheat on each other, and if they do find a new partner it will be one that their soulmate approves of!

If you’re looking to get this tattoo in order to symbolize your own commitment then make sure you pick an image which looks like its part of the same family rather than 2 separate ones. Otherwise it might just look like you’re actually saying “I’m single”.

The main difficulty with quail tattoos is how difficult it is to see them in real life. So many people have never seen a quail before! These images are mostly used as filler tattoos or water color tattoos which help create depth within various designs. If you’d like one of these symbols to be a part of your entire body- or face tattoo, then make sure it fits the theme and style well. Otherwise it may look out of place!

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There are many different ways to draw this bird’s image, so if you’re looking to get such a tattoo then take into consideration the person who will be designing it. There is no point in getting an anatomically incorrect quail just because it looks cool – chances are someone who knows what they’re doing could do a much better job than that! So choose carefully and put thought into where you would like this tattoo before deciding on the design itself.