Quetzal tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattoo Quetzal bird designs are popular among all tattoo lovers. It’s not surprising, because it symbolizes eternity, beauty and spirituality. There are two main types of quetzal birds – the golden quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) and green quetzal (Pharomachrus antisianus).

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The color of quetzal bird feathers is green or red. Its long and thin tail can be up to 3 meters (9,8 ft) long and it spreads like a fan and looks like an open triangle. The upper part of the tail has black spots. Quetzal birds live in the deep forests of Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua.

The quetzal is a sacred bird for many people in Latin America. It’s the symbol of love, freedom and happiness; it has strong spiritual energy that can help you to find yourself. The quetzal looks like an eagle with colorful tail feathers sitting on top of branches surrounded by green leaves. Its bright colors represent the beauty of nature. Quetzal tattoos look especially good on men; it’s also common to see quetzal tattoos with an Aztec calendar symbol on them.

Tattoo designs and placement ideas for your quetzal tattoo

It looks like every tattoo lover is interested in getting a tattoo of this beautiful bird, but what kind of design should you choose? There are many different ways how you can make your own tattoo design. First of all, you can research the internet or go to local library and search for some images that inspire you. You need to show your chosen image (photo or drawing) to the tattoo artist so he would know exactly what kind of design do you want.

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When it comes about quetzal bird tattoos , there are many possibilities. If you already have some ideas or images in your mind, the best solution would be to show them to the tattoo artist who will make a custom design for you. Quetzal birds are known as noble and beautiful creatures which represent eternity, but they can’t fly because their feathers are too long. What’s more interesting about this bird is that it appears only once every 52 years! It’s also related with sun sign astrology – people born under Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) could be called quetzal heads because of their high ideals and values.

Having these facts in mind, we wanted to show the most popular designs that symbolize this creature so you could choose something that truly represents you.