Rabbit tattoo meaning and symbolism

Since days gone by, rabbits and hares have been associated with many things such as fertility, reproduction, agility, and of course magic. In olden times the rabbit was able to reproduce without any trouble which is why it has always been closely linked to fertility. It can also be connected to magic as they were seen as a symbol of the moon which was seen as a matriarchal symbol.

Rabbit leg tattoo
Rabbit leg tattoo @opossum_blues

However, the rabbit also has some very dark connotations. In many folkloric tales, rabbits are associated with plague and illness so there is some good reason why they’ve been given such an ominous reputation.

As you can see from these examples, the rabbit or hare has always been an extremely rich symbol. It has associations with both the light and dark of the world which is why it has become such a popular design for tattooists to work with.

Rabbit tattoo meaning – fertility, family, playfulness

The most common rabbit tattoos are those which give them a more positive connotation. By this I mean tattoos which are celebrating the rabbit’s fertility, playfulness, and love of family. The symbolism here is obvious as many people will get a rabbit tattoo to celebrate the birth of a child or to show their love for a pet.

Family tattoos are certainly one of the most common types of rabbit designs out there and they can be done in a wide variety of styles.

Rabbit tattoo meaning – lunar symbolism

Aside from all the positive associations of rabbits, there are also some sinister connotations. This is because they are associated with the dark side of the moon. The lunar symbolism comes from the fact that rabbits and hares were seen as creatures that moved between worlds (just like werewolves).

It was believed that they could cross into another world which meant that they also became symbols for death, rebirth, and resurrection. If you’re superstitious then this is why it might be best to avoid getting a tattoo of a rabbit or hare.

Rabbit and hare tattoos meaning – rebirth, regeneration

One of the reasons that many people will get a rabbit tattoo is because it represents rebirth and regeneration. Hares were seen as symbols of purity due to their ability to reproduce without any trouble which is why they have become linked with purity and innocence.

Due to this symbolism, rabbits have come to be associated with being able to regenerate or recreate themselves. This is why many people will get a hare tattoo to celebrate the end of an illness or something which has been destroying their life.

Rabbit tattoo colors and their meaning

As with most tattoo designs, there is a huge variety of colors and shades which you can use. Generally speaking, rabbits look quite cute and cuddly in their appearance so it’s best to avoid using too many dark and sinister colors.

Rabbit tattoo color symbolism – white, grey, pink

Due to its gentle appearance, the most common rabbit tattoos are often done in lighter colors. This is why many people will opt to use white ink or grey for their design. Another popular color due to the nature of these tattoos is bright pink as this makes them seem very cute.

Rabbit tattoo color symbolism – black, red, yellow

Of course, you can also opt for bolder colors if you prefer. Black and red are a great color combination as they make the rabbit look darker and more serious. Yellow is also a good option as it fits in with the lunar symbolism which the rabbit has due to its links with the moon.

What most people will want from their tattoo is something that has been designed well rather than whether or not it

Rabbit tattoo designs and their meaning – location, size, and style

Due to the fact that rabbits are one of the most common designs around there is a wide variety of styles available. You can get them in traditional Americana folk style, in a more realistic or illustrative style, or even in its original form. For example here are some examples of different popular rabbit tattoos which have been designed in different ways:

  • Traditional Americana folk style
  • Realistic tattoo design
  • Illustrative tattoo design
Rabbit arm tattoo
Rabbit arm tattoo @ victoria.tattoohk

Of course the location and size of your rabbit tattoo will play an important role too. If you’re worried about getting a tattoo that will be noticed, for example by your boss or in public, then it’s best to opt for something small. However, if you want to show off your tattoo then get one of good size!