Rectangle tattoo meaning

Dark and solid color tattoos seem to be the most popular types of tattoo among men and women, but there are times when you might want something a little more original. Alternative tattoos can really break the mold and allow people to get in touch with their individuality. These creative designs can incorporate different elements like zodiac signs or other images that carry special meaning for the wearer.

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Often these designs will incorporate some sort of geometric shape. While many shapes are common designs these days, rectangle tattoos have their own unique purpose that sets them apart from other options on the market.

Keep reading below to find out more about rectangle meanings as well as what makes them stand out from other tattoo styles.

Rectangle Tattoo Meanings

If you are interested in rectangle tattoos, you probably have a specific purpose for your design. These particular tattoos can have different meanings depending on what it is that you want the image to mean to those who see it.

In some cases, there can have more than one meaning which makes them even more interesting. As always, make sure you do thorough research before committing to anything permanent on your skin.

Rectangle Tattoo Symbolism – Mathematical Use

One of the first usages of a square or rectangular shape comes from early mathematicians and their use of geometry as an abstract way to explain universal truths.

Additionally, many important figures from history have been associated with this type of symbolism includin Gagoras and Socrates. Both men are closely tied with geometry and have had an influence on people’s understanding of the world.

This same philosophy has been used in many different cultures around the world, making it one concept that is always relevant to present days tattoo enthusiasts. Even though this use is more abstract than some other examples, it does still carry a lot of meaning behind it. Those who are interested in this type of symbolism should consider rectangle tattoos that incorporate abstract shapes or even some math equations.

Rectangle Tattoo Symbolism – Gangs

The use of square or rectangular tattoos can also be associated with street gang culture where members will often get tattoos representing their affiliation with a particular group. Because these gangs are usually territorial over certain areas, they often get tattoos of their gang’s name or initials in an area that can’t be covered up with clothing.

Rectangle tattoos like this will often feature bright colors and bold lettering to make their presence known.

Rectangle Tattoo Symbolism – Circles and Squares

The previous examples focused on the abstract use of rectangle and square symbols, but there are also more literal designs out there for people who aren’t interested in the abstract concepts associated with these shapes. Those who don’t have a formal education in mathematics might have a hard time understanding the symbolism behind geometric shapes, meaning that it’s important to look at other option. People from different cultures around the world have used the circle as a symbol of family life while some others view squares as symbols of protection. In the United States, many people have chosen to get rectangle tattoos with diamonds in them because of the connection with love.

Though these are only a few examples, there are plenty of reasons why someone might have gotten this type of tattoo. There are certain symbols that hold different meanings depending on your culture so you will need to do some research if you want to fully understand what it is that your tattoo represents.

Rectangle Tattoo Meanings – Specific Shapes

People aren’t just getting standard square or rectangular tattoos; there are also options out there for those who prefer more specific shapes. Some common square and rectangle tattoos include: Celtic Crosses, Diamond Shapes, Tower Shapes, Tree Shapes, etc. Each of these can be associated with a wide variety of different ideas depending on the individual. Different cultures have their own meanings for shapes that are often related to nature so it’s important to understand what you are getting before adding this design to your skin permanently.

Rectangle Tattoo Symbolism – Aesthetic Value

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so if you find yourself drawn to this type of tattoo design due to the way it looks, there isn’t anything wrong with that at all! Rectangles and squares are some of the most widely used objects in art due to their simplicity and ability to lay flat against someone’s skin. The use of color and shading can make any design appealing, so you shouldn’t be ashamed if that’s your main reason for getting this type of tattoo.

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Rectangle tattoos can vary depending on their shape and the meaning associated with them, but most people choose to get these designs because they are simple and easy to cover up should you ever feel like doing so. People use these tattoos for a number of different reasons which makes it important to take time considering all of your options before choosing one to ink into your skin forever.