Red Butterfly Tattoo Meaning ( Growth and Passion ? )

Butterflies are often used as symbols of healing because they transform from ugly caterpillars to beautiful creatures. The red butterfly symbolizes sensitivity and deep emotions, which is why it can represent the feminine side.

The red butterfly tattoo first appeared in the early 1900s on circus sideshow banners advertising “tattoos for all. ”

Butterflies was used to represent natural beauty. During the “Roaring Twenties”, the American tattoo artist George A. Tookes created the “butterfly tat.” It was a variant on the standard Celtic cross tattoo, featuring a red dot in the center and black wings surrounding it.

Red Butterfly Tattoo

The meaning of the color Red

Red is a primary color, which can be found in the spectrum of visible light. Red symbolizes power, love, energy and passion. Red is used in many rituals and ceremonies. It is a color that can be used to distract people’s attention away from what you are saying or doing.

Red symbolizes love, and it is known to make the blood flow more quickly, making people feel warmer and more energized.

The association of red with danger could be because of a perceived correlation between blood and aggression.

The Egyptians used it as a symbol for life, as do many cultures today. Red has been used in flags and clothing because of its strong color and its link to power and courage.

red butterfly back tattoo

Red is also the color of the first chakra, also called the root chakra or Muladhara in Sanskrit.

Red Butterfly tattoo meaning and symbolism

As a tattoo, it symbolizes beauty and often young girls or women will get the tattoo to show they are still growing up even though they have grown up and that they are not getting old too fast.

For women, the red color makes them feel more confident about themselves at any age.

Red can also be used to symbolize the beginning of something, like the beginning of a new relationship. Red is also used to show courage and passion, in many cultures.

In some cultures, red represents fertility. In other cultures, it is used to represent “danger”.

An old Chinese legend , adopted by most East Asian countries, tells the story of two lovers who turn into butterflies after committing suicide together. This story is often known as the Romeo and Juliet of Asia, and expresses the eternal love of those two.


The red color in the red butterfly tattoo is symbolic of love, passion and healing. It can also represent the feminine side. The red butterfly tattoo is usually associated with the meaning of growth and change, but it can also be used to show a person’s ability to see both sides of an issue or problem.

Disclaimer :Tattoos are forever and very personal. The meaning of a tattoo is directly linked to the wearer.  The meaning of a specific tattoo should relate to the ethos and symbolism behind it but also to your own personal history and experience with it. If you have tattoos that are not aligned with your personal history, this could indicate other problems that you need to address in your life, such as unresolved issues or trauma.