Rhombus tattoo meaning and symbolism

The rhombus is a shape which can easily be interpreted to have different meanings depending on the angle you see it from. To tattoists, the meaning of tattoos is often linked to symbols. They are never random drawings, even if they might look like it at first glance.

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Here are some explanations about what this tattoo can symbolize according to culture and mythology:

Rhombus, equilateral or not?

Depending on your source for information, there will be slight variations in how you the rhombus regarding whether it is equilateral or not. So, let us try to understand the difference between these two rhombuses:

– The equilateral rhombus has angles of 60° at every vertex (point) and they are straight lines which form four identical triangles.

– A non-equilateral rhombus only contains angles of 45° per vertex, but they are still straight lines which form four identical triangles. As you can see, there is a slight distinction between these two shapes, but it doesn’t really matter too much if your tattoo artist decides that either one is appropriate.


Rhombus tattoo meaning – What does this symbolize?

Of course we could do some very scientific research here for guys and prove 100% that the rhombus means that. But the fact is that the meaning of tattoos has changed throughout history mostly based on culture and location. Every other person will give you a different explanation for why someone should tattoo this particular shape onto their body, which also makes it very difficult to explain what this symbolizes in one single article online. So all I can do here is to describe some traditional interpretations for the rhombus:

Balance – A perfect balance between two opposites (north/south, high/low, etc.)

Protection – Something that protects you from external negative forces

Healing powers – The four sides represent earth, air, fire, and water

The diamond shape or ‘perfect’ shape because all lines are straight

– The fact that you can draw a triangle inside it – triangles are symbols of strength

All these explanations have their own variations. For example, the cultures which associate this shape with balance often use the diamond as an ‘open’ variation of the rhombus because they see 4 triangles separate from each other instead of attached. So if you see someone with this particular tat , then you know that they are into that stuff!


And now for something completely different…

If you are really keen on getting this tattoo but don’t want to follow all those traditional interpretations, then why not try something totally new and original? Some people just see the beauty in simple shapes like this one and only focus on how they look.

What if we put a small circle inside the rhombus? And what if that circle had something written on it? Like maybe your name or favorite word? Now that would be different! And it is also possible to have both variations in the same tattoo design, i.e., some triangles connecting each other with one single diamond shape in the middle of it all. This will give you a nice 4-in-1 tattoo which can symbolize many things at once…