Ring tattoo meaning and symbolism

A ring can be seen as a circle, which is the geometric shape man has been using to represent eternity. Rings are also used to symbolize an oath or contract, because of their circular form. Therefor the ring tattoo should always remind you of something that you should always keep in your mind and heart.

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What do ring tattoos mean ?

One way to give meaning to your ring tattoo is through its geometry. A circle stands for creation and also harmony, because it unites all points on its circumference. It’s shape acts as a symbol for infinite and eternity.

wedding ring tattoo : love and commitment

One of the most popular ring tattoos is the wedding ring tattoo , which you should not forget its original meaning. As long as you and your partner are together, your love will never end and you’ll be eternally united to each other. It’s a symbol that can remain on somebody as long as their life time (well, as long as they don’t lose it of course…). But you should always remember that the wedding ring tattoo is there to remind you on the love and commitment you have made for one another. It’s not a decoration or accessory, but more like a label for those who believe it’s important in their relationship.

infinity ring

Another popular ring tattoo is the infinity ring (infinity symbol) tattoo . The way it’s represented is very simple: a shape of a circle, but not closed. This type of tattoo can represent anything you want. It can be an unfinished project; somebody you love who doesn’t feel the same for you; or whatever comes to your mind that relates to something that is endless and can’t be completed.

An eternity ring tattoo is the same as the infinity ring, only that it’s closed. It represents something eternal; like love; friendship; or your commitment with somebody. It symbolizes never ending love and affection for somebody, no matter how long you will live (unless you lose it of course…).

A ring tattoo with a stone : family

A ring tattoo with a stone in it symbolizes something valuable and precious. The gem inside the ring represents what you value at this point of time, whether it would be your family, friends or yourself (because you are also valuable to those who love you). You should always remember that those around you are there for you and will never leave you no matter what.

rank in society

In many cultures, a ring tattoo can symbolize one’s status or rank in society. If you are looking for a social statement to make with your tattoo, this is something very personal and can be displayed publicly without any consequences, because it has been made voluntarily. In the Chinese culture the circle of the Yin and Yang symbolizes the union between a man and a woman. It is often used as a temporary tattoo, because it can give you all of its meaning without having to worry about what type of tattoo will match your personality and style.

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There are many more types of rings than those I’ve mentioned above, but I think it would be better to hear about your ring tattoo ideas before writing an article full of pictures.

If you are thinking on getting a ring tattoo, I would recommend you to get one that features the infinity symbol . It is very popular these days and it will be easy for people to identify with its meaning. You can talk with your artist about adding more details into it if you want to give it more meaning. It is usually represented in black with a thick border, but you can ask for another color if you wish…