Rocket tattoo meaning and symbolism

In the tattoo world, rocket tattoos are often connected with a deeper meaning or perhaps even a life philosophy.

This article will take a look at some of the most common interpretations associated with this type of tattoo and what you can expect from it if you’re thinking about getting one.

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Rocket Tattoo – An Ancient Symbol

The first thing you must know is that the symbolism surrounding the rocket tattoo isn’t unique to it. The same designs and commonly associated meanings can be applied to a number of different tattoo types, not least airplanes or birds. Rockets have been used in many cases as symbols for freedom thanks to their ability to break away from gravity and barriers here on Earth. In ancient times symbolism of the sun was also associated with this type of imagery, where rockets were used to represent a connection between Earth and our closest star. In more recent times though the rocket has been used to represent advancement both in terms of social equality and technology.

Rocket Tattoo – Personal Style Choices

It’s fairly common for people to choose a rocket tattoo design to showcase their love of space travel and the mysteries associated with space exploration. In this sense, a rocket can represent an extension of one’s personality or a connection to another part of you that may be unknown or unexplored. If you have a fascination for science fiction movies then it’s also possible that a rocket tattoo could point towards your love of the genre.

Rocket Tattoo – The Good and Bad Side of Things

There are some negative associations with the rocket tattoo in that it tends to bring up imagery of war and devastation, much like nuclear warheads or intercontinental ballistic missiles. Although many people choose to place these designs on their skin as a reminder of past struggles or hardships there is a time and a place for them. Many people also believe that rocket tattoos can represent a person’s ability to break free or ‘blast off’ from life’s troubles – this is especially true if the design is positioned on the upper arm or chest area.

Rocket Tattoo – A Modern Symbol of Power

In contrast, other people choose to get a rocket tattoo because it represents power and the symbolism associated with technological advancement. In this sense, a rocket can be used to symbolize your own personal ambitions or perhaps even your desire to help others become stronger or better prepared for life in some way. Rocket tattoos are often placed on the side of the body where they can also be used as a reminder of your own ability to achieve greatness.

Rocket Tattoo – General Assumptions

One thing to remember when you’re thinking about getting a rocket tattoo design is that this type of tattoo isn’t going to be for everyone. There’s a certain degree of power and masculinity associated with the symbolism behind it, which doesn’t mesh well in every situation. If you’re looking for a tattoo to showcase your love of science fiction then this is definitely the way to go, but otherwise it’s wise not to choose this type of design just because you think it might look cool or that others will ‘get it’.

The Final Analysis

When all is said and done, rocket tattoos carry a very strong and resilient symbolism. Whether you choose to stick with the traditional designs or go for something more personal, rocket tattoos will always point towards your desire to achieve greatness and ‘blast off’ from your known world into the greater realm of the stars; they’re also great for reminding yourself that progress takes many forms.