Root tattoo meaning and symbolism

A root tattoo  is considered to be the ultimate one in terms of loyalty and everlasting love. it’s also known as “the tattoo of no regrets” Or a symbol of unity, union, love… which holds together two people who are in deep relationship with each other.

It is also said that root tattoos are done for people who are brave enough to carry them for their whole life!

Some people even tattoo their own names, kids’ name or friends’ names below the neck. Such tattoos can easily be covered with clothes if you wish, however they are visible when it’s hot outside 🙂

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What does a root tattoo say about you?

a person who gets a root tattoo is considered to be very loyal toward their loved ones and very responsible – even if the relationship breaks, the root tattoos are still there reminding that once upon a time two people shared something very special. also it’s known as “the tattoo of no regrets” because you can’t take it back even when you regret your decision!

however this “no regrets” thing does not mean that root tattoo is a sign of eternal love or something like that. when one of the sides in a relationship goes away, the other one needs to go on with life and leave past behind. otherwise both people might be stuck in their painful memories forever!


as mentioned above, root tattoos are also known as the tattoo of unity and love. there’s a popular belief that this tattoo is made for people who are in deep relationship with each other – husband and wife or best friends… however it might be done for different reasons, but still it does stand for loyalty and love.

Root tattoo designs

Root tattoos can be made in many different forms and shapes. there are a lot of ideas that people go for when making a root tattoo which is inked in a root part of hair:

for example, you may have your family name/surname done to show the fact that your family is important to you. this way you will carry a part of your family wherever you go. it’s a great idea for a wedding gift too!

star tattoos in a root zone – this is a very popular tattoo idea nowadays, because stars are believed to bring good luck and all the positive vibes from universe! also they represent points where two lines intersect or something that stands for infinite possibilities. people who get such tattoos hope that their life will be full of bright ideas and creative energy which will help them succeed in life!

flowers are another way to decorate your root zone tattoo . if you have roots done then the flower should be pretty bold and vibrant so that it really makes a statement about how beautiful do you look with root without hair ;P flowers, just like stars, are ancient symbols of love and beauty which also represents femininity. many people get such tattoos to show that they are very feminine and creative beings!

as a tattoo artists i have had some requests for tree roots being done in the root zone. some people want them for creative reasons while some others might see a tree as a symbol of growth and development, so they find it cool to have something similar on their head 😉

there’s another popular option for root tattoos – animals . these kinds of tattoos can be done in different forms: from animals’ faces to paws, claws or whole animals. you can choose any animal you’d like! however there is a belief that if you get tattooed animal face then you will start having the character traits of this animal.

what about a fairy tattoo in the root zone area?! this one is for those who are very girly and want something cute to have on their head! most of all, fairies are believed to be tiny creatures that bring good luck into your life which is another reason why people love getting such tattoos done!