Rose triangle tattoo meaning (marriage ? )

A rose inside a triangle is a common tattoo nowadays, you can see it in the arms, hands or even ankles of some attractive blonde at the beach.

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Do you ever wonder what can this tattoo mean ? Your in the right place , because at, the only tattoo meanings you can’t find are those nasty ones from a galaxy far far away …

anyway let’s get into this!

First lets see the meaning of each symbol seperately

I think every body can agree that the Rose is the global symbol for feminity ,love and romance. It’s beautiful yet fragile petals (feminists keep your knifes), and if you decide to add the pointy stem to your tattoo to add some dangerous energy.

The triangle in the other hand can represent a hole lot of things: it can symbolize the trinity for the more religeous ones, it hold the meaning of power, illumination and so on

Ok that’s cool, but ones they are paired toghether , they have a totally different meaning:

Married (in a relationship)

A rose in a triangle tattoo can symbolize a woman who found love (sealed rose) it is a tattoo you ink after you found your twinflame and you decided to spend the rest of your lives together.


Falls in the same area as the first one, it basically depicts the will to protect your loved ones, the triangle representing the shield to the protected one ( the rose ).

For women, it can symbolize that you found someone who can take care of you financially (sugardaddy), as the triangle can signify wealth.

Other meanings from the internet

This is a tattoo of a Rose. In Chinese it’s 玫瑰. Wifey’s Chinese name has the word rose (玫) in it. So I decided to tattoo a rose just above our wedding anniversary tattoo. 🌹

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i also found alot of people in girlsaskguys forum saying that this tattoo is for the LGBT+ community but i didn’t find much evidence for that.

Celebrities spotted with a Rose triangle tattoo

Mabel McVey has a geometric design and a rose tattoo on her right forearm.

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