Samurai frog tattoo meaning and symbolism.

The frog is a symbol of fertility. It has the ability to cross borders and boundaries, move between different worlds (water-land-air) with ease; which in turn makes it a natural choice when dealing with issues of transition or transcendence in life. Frogs are also known for their courage, they don’t fear the unknown as they change shape as they go from egg to tadpole to adult.

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The Samurai symbolize the Japanese warrior class, which consisted of the military nobility and the aristocratic warriors. The samurai were expected to be fierce in battle but reserved, calm and patient outside of it. They lived by a rigorous code of honor called bushido that emphasized loyalty unto death.

These two symbols blended together create a unique and individual message determined by the personal interpretation of the bearer. Below are some possible explanations:

Fertility, transition or transcendence in life; courage to face new challenges

-Loyalty unto death, composure in battle and outside of it, honor above everything else.

-Adaptability; ability to move between different worlds (water, air, earth) with ease; fearlessness of the unknown.

-Balance the male and female energies, harmony.