Satyr tattoo meaning and symbolism

The satyrs were creatures with the head and legs of a man, but the fur and tail of a horse. They liked to drink wine, play musical instruments and chase after nymphs.

By old definition, they were considered as woodland spirits that inhabited the mountains and forests.

By some they were considered as the servants of Dionysus, God of wine and ecstasy, but in more modern times they are often depicted as idlers and hedonists.

Satyr arm tattoo
Satyr arm tattoo @ soi_rc

So, what is the meaning of Satyr tattoos?

The most common interpretation of this image is a symbol of masculine sexuality.

Satyrs actually resemble goats or deers (in their early depictions) and they are also often associated with fauns. Mainly found in Greek mythology, satyrs were known to be followers of Dionysus- the god of fertility, wine and pleasure.

They are well known for their sexual nature to which they prefer following wild impulses.

In the present society, Satyrs are usually used in fantasy tattoos and seen as a symbol of nature. They can also represent immortality, joy and good luck. Tattoo lovers that love mythology will most likely have at least one tattoo design from this group.

They were known for their lustful nature and love of wine and women. However, in most depictions they are gentle creatures and protectors of forest life.

Some of the most popular imagery associated with Satyrs are vines, leaves, stags/deer and wooden flutes.

In some cases, you might see it combined with other mythological creatures such as fairies or sliver dragons  that add more meaning to the satyr tattoo. A popular way of depicting a Satyr in a female tattoo is by adding wings in the back.

Satyr tattoo designs and placements

The majority of the Satyr tattoo designs are placed on the upper arm or shoulder where it can be shown off easily. However, they can also be found in other places such as stomach and lower back .

Some Satyr tattoos include unusual elements like flowers. They might also look like a centaur (half horse, half man). Another creative way to embellish the satyr tattoo is by adding wings to it.

In most cases, if a person has a Satyr tattoo will have at least one other type of design from this category such as fairies or dragons . Thanks to their affiliation with nature and wilderness, a nature-related tattoo would also be a good match.

Oftentimes, men will opt for a big tattoo with clear lines that can be easily seen when wearing short sleeves or shorts.

On the other hand, females usually like their designs to be more discreet and delicate  and suitable for placement on smaller areas of the body such as ribs, back of the neck etc.

Satyr leg tattoo
Satyr leg tattoo @ 0ldhand