Sea urchin tattoo meaning and symbolism

The sea urchin is one of the many tattoo designs that are quickly gaining in popularity. This creature is often chosen for its unique and intricate look, as well as for its symbolic meaning.

Sea urchins can be found on both land and in the water, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be typically found along the ocean floor, and since they are spiny creatures, they should only be handled with care.

Sea urchin rib tattoo
Sea urchin rib tattoo @ caz_gold

What’s the meaning behind sea urchin tattoos?

These creatures are typically known for their spikes, making them a symbol of protection. This is why people choose to get these tattoos – to protect themselves from negative energy, or simply to keep the good within and the bad without.

Sea urchin tattoo
Sea urchin tattoo @ jussikokkarinen

People who have this tattoo can also relate to feeling “spiky” on the insidemeaning they don’t care very much about hurtful words and negative comments. So those who choose to get sea urchin tattoos also want others to see the spiky exterior as a warning; don’t cross me or make me mad, for I will protect myself.

There is also a spiritual meaning associated with the sea urchin. Its spikes are often seen as a representation of the thorns that line the path to enlightenment. So those who have this tattoo can be seen as being on a spiritual journey, and as being open to growth and change.

sea urchin leg tattoo
sea urchin leg tattoo @ tiny.toad

The sea urchin is a beautiful and unique creature that makes for a stunning tattoo design. It has a variety of symbolic meanings, all of which are tied to protection and spiritual growth. If you’re thinking of getting this tattoo, be sure to do your research and find the right meaning for you.