Sewing button tattoo meaning and symbolism

Sewing a button with thread and needle becomes a symbolic – spiritual – ritual uniting two people. Sewing button is an ancient tradition for binding the couple by thread, which symbolizes their long-term commitment to each other. It is no wonder that many girls sew old buttons of the beloved on his clothes as a talisman.

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Tattooing is also an ancient magical ritual. Sewing button with needle on the body symbolizes some material or spiritual binding. The symbolism of sewing button on skin can be interpreted in different ways, according to the interpretation of tattoo symbols.

At the simplest level it means union between two people who love each other and are tied together with a thread of their feelings. Sewing button on skin can be a symbolic expression of the maximum possible strength and infinity of love that overcomes any obstacles, fears and obstacles. Sewing a button with needle is an old magical ritual to save your beloved from any danger.

Sewing button tattoos also meas the willingness to take responsibility for the partner, to be adjusted with him. Sewing button tattoo symbolizes bringing together two different people, their maintaining unity through everything.

For some people, he image of a sewing button stands for the close bond that is not easy to break or destroy even if there are disagreements and misunderstandings between the lovers. It would seem that every person has his own life, fate and destiny, but they are so tightly wound with the thread of mutual love that there is nothing easier than to break it.

In some cultures, tattoos were put on criminals as a punishment. There was a button with needle for sewing lips sewn on those who spoke out against government authority or committed other crimes. The symbolism of the tattoo was that the criminal would remain silent for the rest of his life. Thus, a symbol of sewing button with needle on skin became a sign of suppression and silence.

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As well as representatives of other professions, people involved in art work also use various kinds of decorations – clothing, accessories, jewelry and especially tattoos. Designers often sew the emblem of the company, in which they work, or their signature. Sewing button on skin can symbolize the stability and continuity of your job.

Sewing a button with thread can also mean that you see yourself as an integral part of something bigger than yourself – friendship, family, society or humanity in general. The idea is that no matter how separate people are, they are tied together by threads of fate.

A tattoo with a sewn button can mean curing diseases and illnesses. Sewing the diseased part will keep him healthy or help him to recover faster. It is believed that all living things have energy flowing freely through them, sewing an object on skin helps