Shiva tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Shiva Tattoo is one of the most popular symbols to get tattooed, it represents different worlds in Hinduism. It’s a symbol of protection and preservation while simultaneously being a phallic representation of generation. People who are dedicated to Shiva also find themselves drawn to this tattoo design because they want to honor Shiva in some way, shape or form. Shiva is the God of both creation and destruction, having been born from a tear in his father’s forehead. He has been called upon by people who have lost loved ones to suicide or self-harm since this can be seen as a form of ultimate sacrifice for those they leave behind.

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Local artists refer that if they draw this tattoo then it brings fame, name and prestige in society or community they belong to. They may not believe but science prove that how true these claims are.. Research has shown that about 90+% of people with tattoos feel more confident and powerful than they did without the tattoo. Scientifically this is known as Temporary Placebo Effect and it is another form of our mind power.

By getting a Shiva Tattoo on your body you actually make yourself look handsome or elegant . This art work can also convert an average looking person into a hot guy!

People go crazy behind celebrities , film stars or models because these world renowned personalities give them inspiration to look good in this overcrowded world where everyone wants to be unique from others. So, by having a new “tattoo” you can easily get some attention from common people who will also try to copy your new looks for sure..!

Some people will get the Shiva Tattoo with two of his four hands holding up a decapitated head and the other two arms held aloft as if he is dancing within a ring of fire. This can be interpreted as meaning that Shiva is both all-powerful and unbound by the confines of space and time.

Shiva tattoo designs

The most popular Shiva tattoos are those that show him as a robed figure, holding a trident and drum. These symbols can be used within the tattoo either to represent things that the wearer views as important or those that they feel they would like to protect.

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An interesting aspect of this god is that he is often represented by the representation of an erect phallus – which can be seen in many depictions of him – and is also famous for his sensual poses and dancing ability. All these characteristics together make Shiva one of most sexual God in Hindu tradition. He represents different concepts such as “virility, fertility, vitality”, but it’s clear that sexuality was always connected with creativity and power;