Shovel tattoo meaning and symbolism

A Shovel is an essential tool for digging, moving and transporting things. It can also be used as weapon if needed. All of these make the shovel a very versatile tool with multiple purposes which makes it ideal for tattoos, too.

Those carrying miscellaneous tattoos will often look to something like the shovel to give their tat that little ‘something extra’.

In this article , we will look at different shovel tattoo meanings.

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Shovel Tattoo Meaning

The shovel is an obvious choice for the working class tattoos. It can be used to symbolize diligence, hardwork, strength and many other things.

This however does not mean that everyone bearing this tattoo has to be defined by his or her profession or social status. Someone will often choose to get a shovel tattoo to show that he or she is willing to work hard for the things that are important in life.

We can also see lots of tracks and wheelbarrows incorporated into shovel tattoos symbolizing manual labor. This means that the bearer of such tattoo will often be seen as reliable, strong, always dependable and brave.

Shovel Tattoo Designs

Symbolism aside, a shovel tattoo is a pretty unique choice that will help you to stand out from the pack even further. If you’re going for dark shading then there are lots of different variations to choose from with shadows and highlights included. The design however tends to be thicker at the top and taper off towards the handle.

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There are plenty of great tattoo designs to choose from with some including flowers, birds, skulls or other symbols closely associated with hard labor. If you’re looking for a simple design then the normal shovel might be just what you need.

Some of the most popular shovel tattoos are the black and grey realistic designs. Such design will often incorporate smudges, rust spots and even dents to make it look like it has seen plenty of action over the years.

You might also see some unique symbols that don’t actually relate to anything at all just to give the tattoo that little bit extra.

The shovel can be a great addition to just about any tattoo and there is no limit to the designs and ideas out there, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for that little something extra.

Shovel Tattoo Placements

The location of this type of tattoo is mainly up to the wearer. You can opt for a shoulder blade, forearm, lower back, upper arm and even calf as the areas of choice. The size however will be somewhat limited by your personal preference as well as tattoo artist preferences and it’s best not to choose anything too big .

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