Shuriken tattoo Meaning and symbolism

Shuriken is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was used as a hidden dagger or metsubushi. It’s one of the traditional weapons of Ninjas.

Shuriken tattoos are cool, no doubt about it. If you want to get one of these awesome pieces of art and you want to know more about their meaning, this post is for you.

So, what’s the meaning behind Shuriken tattoos?

  • Protection

In old Japan, shuriken could have been found anywhere. It was part of daily life and it helped people with hunting and self-defense. That’s why those tattoos are really meaningful symbols.

  • Power

Shuriken tattoos might look like symbols of strength, speed and power. They represent sharpness, agility, some kind of “lightning fast” ability. That’s why they are super popular among fighters and sportsmen.

  • the past (tradition)

Shuriken tattoos are there to represent the past. They remind people of Japan’s glorious past, when they were one of the best warriors in the world. Also, that specific type of tattoos reminds people about traditional Japanese weapons and martial arts.

  • Manga / Anime

There are many Manga and Anime figurines with the same tattoo. If you like Japanese comics, or if you like watching cartoons, getting inked might be a good idea. That doesn’t mean that all people who have tattoos in this style are fans of manga and anime culture.

Shuriken hand tattoo
Shuriken hand tattoo @ lukeaashley

What’s the most ideal placement for a Shuriken tattoo?

Shuriken tattoos look the best on the upper arm and shoulder. They can also be a nice idea for a lower back tattoo .

If you want to get a Shuriken tattoo, probably the best thing you should think about is getting one of those traditional types of tattoos, preferably with Japanese symbols.

That kind of tattoo will remind people that you are 100% into Japanese culture and you like its traditional weapons.

Fun fact: Shuriken symbol is very similar to the Mitsubishi logo, and they are both from Japan.

What’s the best color for a Shuriken tattoo?

Black and red. Those colors look the best and they also remind people about old Japanese symbols.

So, you see, a Shuriken tattoo is a great choice if you want an epic Japanese tattoo. You will get lots of compliments from fellow Japanese culture enthusiasts and it will boost your confidence tenfold.

Shuriken neck tattoo
Shuriken neck tattoo @ dominika.glebocka

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