Ski Mask Tattoo Meaning ( explained )

The ski mask is a rather popular tattoo design which symbolizes concealing your identity or who you are. This tattoo can represent being anonymous and keeping your private life private from society or it can be chosen because of the wearer’s interest in criminal activities like bank robbery.

ski mask arm tattoo

The balance of meaning between the two sides of this tattoo’s complexity does vary depending on where you live and what sort of culture it influences. For example, in parts of Europe where skiing is popular, this tattoo could mean good luck in going down hills as a newcomer to skiing.

On the other hand, in North America, where it is far less common to see people wearing ski masks outside of winter sports, this design may be chosen for its negative undertones. In fact, the vast majority of people who get a ski mask tattoo are choosing this design to symbolize negative qualities. It can represent taking something from someone as in a robbery or burglary, and it also can represent hiding one’s identity from police or law enforcement agents.

This tattoo can also symbolize more specific activities such as drug dealing or even gang activities like robbing innocent citizens and running from the police without fear of being identified by your identity.

1) Criminality :

ski mask arm tattoo

The ski mask is often used by criminals to hide their identities, and for this reason the design is sometimes associated with the “good” negative side of the identity. It can represent a criminal wanting to hide from law enforcement or being anonymous by wearing a ski mask. It can also be used as an outer layer of protection at night.

2) Bank Robbery:

ski mark arm tattoo

The ski mask as often symbolized in this case as a way to keep our identities from being known and kept hidden from society building up more mystery and intrigue more than revealing what may already be there. This user probably wants his identity unknown so he can rob banks freely without worry of being identified and arrested.

3) privacy and anonimity :

ski mark ankle tattoo

This is a very personal tattoo for the user of the design, as it is a very important matter to him. He may want to hide something about himself, or he may want to make sure that no one sees who he really is. By wearing this mask over his face at night, in public or even on vacation, he knows that no one will be able to decipher his real identity, and that nobody will know what else he may be hiding.

4)something i want to hide :

ski mask calf tattoo

This user’s tattoos are all pretty innocuous and just represent things they like and nothing more. For this reason he has decided to put a ski mask over his face, hiding most of it from society and allowing nothing to be revealed about him. He does not need to hide who he is or what he is doing, but this is a chance for him to do something that represents a little bit of mystery.

5)Blind Integration :

ski mask arm tattoo

This user has decided that the best way for her to adapt in normal society is by disguising herself as someone else entirely. She feels that she cannot fit in with the other girls around her, so she has covered up pretty much all of her face with a ski mask, always making sure that nobody can tell who it really is behind there.

Other variations of ski mask tattoos and their meanings

Angel with Ski Mask Tattoo

angel wearing skimask tattoo
Robbing banks in heaven too! @lolatattoos

This tattoo design is a combination of the traditional angel wearing a ski mask. It’s much more edgy than the traditional design, and It’s linked to a death of a loved one, close friend or partner. The meaning is pretty deep and the design can be highly meaningful if you feel it represents the loss of someone that was important in your life.

More importantly, this means it’s time to wonder what happened and how they died, but don’t forget to focus on all the positive memories they left behind.

Smiling ski mask tattoo ( thug life)

smiling ski mask tattoo

A Smiling ski mask tattoo can mean pride and gang affiliation. It can also symbolize friendship and loyalty.

Tearfull ski mask tattoo  (Grief)

Tearfull ski mask tattoo