Skunk tattoo meaning and symbolism

You love skunks. You think they are cute, funny, and friendly animals. They sure look better than poisonous reptiles… But do you really know everything about them? Let’s use this article to learn more about skunk tattoo meaning and symbolism.

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We’ll start with the basics: what’s the difference between their white stripe coloring and black?

While it might seem like all skunks look the same, they actually come in many different colors. Gray is most common, but you’ll also find brown or mixed colored skunks with orange or white undercoats and white stripes. A skunk darkens with age until it’s about 8 years old and ready to mate.

The white stripe skunk meaning comes from the black and white barcodes that run along their backs. These stripes vary in width. A narrow stripe means the skunk is younger, while a wider one shows that it has reached adulthood.

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You already know all about their spray glands. They are the reason for skunk tattoo meaning. It’s true, all skunks have them. But not all of them spray!

There are actually three kinds of skunks in North America: hog-nosed, spotted, and striped. Spotted skunks are the only ones that can spray you when they feel threatened or in danger.

The skunk tattoo meaning is a reminder to be brave and stand up for yourself when people try to push you around. You can’t let fear stop you from being who you are!

skunks in the Bible

Did you know that some biblical scholars think that the ‘unclean animal’ list of Leviticus 11:29-31 might include skunks? They believe it’s talking about polecats, which are close relatives of skunks. Most English bibles have replaced ‘unclean’ with rat or weasel, but they actually translate the Hebrew word as smelling animal – maybe a reference to their spray smell? The whole verse says: These also shall be unclean unto you among the creeping things that creep upon the earth; The weasel, and the mouse, and the tortoise after his kind,

By the way, Leviticus is a list of ‘don’ts’, not ‘do’s’ – so this might be a good tattoo to show that you don’t give a hoot what people think about your flaws!

skunk life cycle

Skunks live 2-5 years in the wild. They typically have 1 litter per year consisting of 4-7 kits. It takes between 42-72 days for skunk kits to become mobile after being born. They are blind during this time period until their eyes open at around 30 days old. This may be why some cultures associate sk with divine knowledge… but it’s really because their eyes are open.

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Skunks mate in February or March and can be found together during this time of year. Mothers will travel up to 2 miles to find a suitable den for their young. Dens are typically abandoned dens dug by other animals, but they can make do with practically anything if it provides shelter against the elements. Females usually give birth around the end of May or beginning of June, but wait until July before going out to hunt on their own. By August skunks are living independently of their mothers, who care only for the safety of her kits while they’re very young.

skunk life lessons

Skunks may be small, but there’s a lot to learn about standing up for yourself, self-confidence, and not giving a darn what other people think of you. Those things are very important in life!

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