Snail tattoo meaning and symbolism.

Snails and their shells have long been a symbol of protection and good luck. They often appear in the folklore of many countries as symbols of safekeeping, security, and sanctuary.

The shell provides a safe dwelling for the soft, vulnerable body of the mollusk, which retreats into its home. This has made them symbols of safety and security in many civilizations across time and cultures around the world.

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So, what’s the meaning behind snail tattoos?

The most common meaning of a snail tattoo is protection. They also serve as a reminder for you to take time out for yourself and to slow down like the snail often does.

They are sometimes also associated with the cycle of life. The high domed shell symbolizes birth; then comes crawling out into the world (life); after that, coming to a complete stop before starting the next cycle (death).

Other meanings and symbolism of a snail tattoo:

– rejuvenation;

– finding strength within yourself;

– taking time for yourself to reflect and think about things.

Snails are also popularly associated with slowness, tardiness, and laziness. They can often be found on clocks, watches, and other timepieces as a reminder to be prompt or that a latecomer is expected. This meaning of the snail tattoo stems from a comparison with one’s own time spent going about their daily schedule.

In general, Snail symbolism is letting you know that you need to slow down! In other words, this spirit animal is asking you; What’s the big hurry? spirit-animals

Snails are also symbols of love and affection due to the fact that they carry their homes on their backs wherever they go. They are also symbols of fertility and abundance, since their shells often carry a large number of eggs inside.

The spiral shape of the snail shell has been associated with growth, evolution, invigoration, and power. It is often used in scientific studies for its ability to replicate patterning on both small and grand scales.

The spiral motif can be seen in things like DNA double helices, leaves on plants, and suns. The spiral shapes of both the snail shell and its inhabitant’s body clearly represent life and growth.

Skull snail tattoo Meaning

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People who get the skull snail tattoo, often see it as a good luck charm or symbol of life and death. This is not surprising considering how closely related skulls and spirals are to each other in terms of symbolism and their relationship with both life and death.

A spiral can be seen as representing time moving forward, life continuing to evolve, and growth all around us. The skull is a symbol of the impermanence and temporary nature of life. It reminds us that we live, we breathe, we feel, we love and then we die.

Snail tattoo best placements

  • Snail tattoo on the arm

The forearms and the lower arms (below the elbow) are good placements for a snail tattoo, as well as around the ankle or wrist area. These areas will definitely be visible when wearing short sleeves and therefore best look aesthetically pleasing for this reason.

  • Tattoo on foot

A snail tattoo on the foot is also another good idea, especially when they are inked in small. You can get them around your ankles or even on top of your feet (depending on how daring you are).

However, since these areas usually do not require much movement for everyday activities like walking and running; you need to make sure that you still have the ability to see your tattoos when they are on these areas.

  • Combo tattoo

A combination of a snail and another animal is also possible, but don’t go overboard with it since they will take up too much space that would be better suited for multiple separate elements.

They look best this way when there is no more than 3 elements in a single tattoo.

An example of a combo tattoo would be a snail and butterfly or snail and flower. However, your creativity says otherwise so feel free to go nuts with it!

  • Snail tattoos with quotes

A quote from the literary work “Through the Looking-Glass” by Lewis Carroll is my personal favorite quote to get inked with my snail tattoo.

It’s simple, profound and meaningful all at the same time. Whoever said that tattoos were not worth getting?

This quote speaks to me like no other has before ever since I came to love Lewis Carroll’s novels. It represents how we gradually appreciate life more when we realize that everything is not what it seems…

snail quote tattoo
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