Snake and Butterfly Tattoo Meaning ( Explained )

One of the most popular tattoo designs is the snake and butterfly tattoo. The symbol has been used for thousands of years.

snake and butterfly tattoo meaning

It meant hope, duality, transformation, beauty and destruction. While some might argue that it’s a negative meaning now because there are so many people in society who can’t change, it’s still one of the most popular tattoos around today.

Many people get this design as a tattoo because they want to symbolize something they want to achieve in life or someone close to them, or struggling with their own identity.

This is usually due to their journey towards acceptance. The butterfly symbolizes beauty, freedom and new beginnings. Snakes are known to be very clever creatures, using their cunning to gain what they want.

This is a great way for someone to shed a layer of who they used to be and come out as a new person, or perhaps who they were always meant to be.

So, whats the meaning behind snake and butterfly tattoos ?

1) Duality

The design can represent the duality of human nature which is often represented by the snake and butterfly tattoo design. In ancient mythology, it was said that the snake represented the human temptations that we all have within ourselves. It was constantly trying to pull us off our path towards progression in life. On the other hand, the butterfly symbolized freedom and beauty.

2) Duality of Personality

Another reason why this tattoo design is so popular is because it portrays the duality of personality that people go through. It symbolizes that a person can be one thing on the outside and another thing in their heart. They might appear to be harsh or even evil in some ways but inside, they are very patient, caring and generally works to make things right for the ones they love. If you think about the butterfly outwardly being calm and collected while actually being a lot more aggressive than it appears on the surface, you have an idea of what this tattoo might look like when someone gets it done.

snake butterfly tattoo

snake butterfly tattoo

3) Transformation

The snake and butterfly design can also be used to represent the journey of someone who is in the middle of their transformation. Perhaps they might be going through a tough time with their life and they want to do something to make them feel better. This tattoo design can also be used as a sign that the person has already gone through that transformation, and they are here to help others who need a similar journey.

I feel like the snake exploding into the butterflies signifies her finally reaching this place of ultimate happiness. This is the new era. Beautiful and even more filled with self love.

4) Beauty and Destruction

The butterfly tattoo design is often seen as being beautiful. Most people see it in a positive light because it symbolizes something very magical and nice. When you think about the snake, however, you would normally think about something that was destructive or poisonous.

The idea behind the use of symbols in life is to show us a way to understand it better. It’s a reminder that there are multiple perspectives on everything. Generally, people have a more positive outlook on life when they can see something like this tattoo design and get something out of it.

5) Transformation in Life

The symbolism used in the snake and butterfly tattoo design is also a reminder that people must always be evolving. Otherwise, they will have an identity crisis. As we all know, our lives are constantly changing and so are our thoughts and personalities. It’s very important to be open-minded and accepting of new things if you want to grow as a person.

6) Transformation Within Yourself

Getting a snake and butterfly tattoo can represent what it means to change for the better within yourself. When you think about the meaning of these symbols, it’s clear that there is something different happening within you now. You can use this tattoo to remind you that you need to be a better person and not expect the same old results in your life. You need to start working on yourself and starting to change things for the better.

7) Transformation Through Love

Changing is something that we all go through in one way or another. It’s important to remember that love changes us, so having a tattoo like this can help remind you that every relationship you are in will change you as well. This is a sign of evolution, which is exactly what we want from our relationships with other people in our lives.

8) Transformation Through Addiction

Getting this type of tattoo can help you through the process of quitting an addiction. This can be anything from weed, heroin, cocaine, or alcohol. It’s important that you understand that the snake and butterfly design is not the thing causing your addiction. It’s your own behavior that is causing the problem. The tattoo will be a constant reminder that there are positive changes happening in your life right now.

9) Change in Personality or Beliefs

It’s also possible to use this tattoo to represent a change in one’s beliefs as well as personality traits. It can incorporate both of these things into small picture to show how it has affected you overall.