Snake and Lotus Tattoo Meaning (Explained)

One of the more popular tattoos that many people are looking to get is the Snake and Lotus tattoo. This is a tattoo that will represent duality, wisdom, and eternity.

Snake and Lotus Tattoo

While it might seem difficult to figure out what this symbol means through only looking at it, this article will help you understand the meaning behind the tattoo and allow you to decide if it’s right for you.

The snake in these tattoos has two meanings; one represents eternal wisdom while the other one represents reincarnation, which implies that death has no effect on us as we come back just how we were before with all of our memories intact.

The snake also can represent fertility for women or male virility for men who want to become stronger spiritually.

snake and lotus tattoo

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity in many religious beliefs, as it is able to grow without soil, rain or sunlight. It is also believed that lotus flowers are able to bring back those who have died by spiritual awakening. The lotus symbolizes Buddha’s victory over the desire for life and represents power over death.

When the snake wraps around the lotus flower in this tattoo, it signifies you become victorious over death as well by escaping rebirth and reincarnation.

Snake and Lotus Tattoo

A snake and lotus tattoo is a great way to represent your duality. You have both the wisdom and might of Mother Nature that have brought you to where you are today while also having the power of life and death.

This tattoo can signify many different things depending on the meaning you choose for it in your own life.

Snake and Lotus Tattoo

Snake and Lotus myths

Hindu legends

This one was inspired by a Hindu creation myth. In the story, Vishnu sleeps on the serpent of eternity in the cosmic ocean before heaven and earth exist. Then from the depths of the universe, the humming of om awakes him. As the long night of eternity comes to an end, a lotus flower blossoms from Vishnu’s naval. On the lotus sits Brahma. Vishnu tells Brahma to create the world, which was to last 432,000 years. tripod